Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Trip to IC

Tonya and a group of members went to visit the Independence Center yesterday. Mike G recently got a job as a peer specialist with BJC. He had an appointment with HR to fill out some paperwork. The clubhouse volunteered to assist him in getting to St. Louis for the meeting with the HR rep. The HR rep agreed to meet with Mike at the Independence Center. The rest of the group joined in the work ordered day at Independence Center and then had lunch in the Cafeteria. The group that went shared that they had a good time and learned more about the work ordered day. When they group got back to town they went to the restaurant supply store. We have ordered some new supplies for the clubhouse and needed to check on the status of our order. Tonya accompanied a couple of members to Schnucks for some community needs at the end of the day and then made sure they got home. The annual Christmas party is later this week. We will let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Nutcracker

On Saturday December the 13th I was one of the fortunate clubhouse members that went to see the Nutcracker.  It was my very first time to see a play and had a very pleasant time with the other members.  The play was very entertaining.  The music was wonderful and the costumes were colorful and bright.  It was a rare chance for the members and staff to spend time together on a Saturday.  We had great seats in the first and second row.  It was truly a beautiful experience.  All of the dancers and performers were very entertaining.  I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that we had a very enjoyable time.

Letitia D 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Florals By Friends

Florals by Friends is now taking ordered for the holiday season.  Please contact Friends In Action Clubhouse at 573-431-9620 to place your orders.  Local delivery available at no charge. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Clubhouse Helps Me

The clubhouse helps me in a great many ways. I have a lot of friends and really enjoy coming to visit them. It helps my self esteem a whole lot. I enjoy working with others and doing clubhouse jobs. I really enjoy the outings we do!
Jennifer C

Friday, November 28, 2014


This Thanksgiving was a very warm and special day at the Friends In Action Clubhouse. For the second year in a row members, staff, friends, and family gathered at the clubhouse in Park Hills for a wonderful meal, good conversation, and a chance to look back on all of the blessings that we are so thankful for. We had turkey, dressing and all of the trimmings that go with it. My Children were my guests and the both had a very nice time. It was such a wonderful event and the BJC staff, clubhouse staff, and members alike seemed to have a good time. I hope that this becomes a tradition year after year. I made cornbread this year and am pleased that there was not any left. BJC staff and our our clubhouse director, Anna, did a fantastic job with the food and decorations. There was no other place that I would have wanted to be.

Letitia D

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trivia Night Article

On Saturday, November 15, Friends in Action Clubhouse in Park Hills hosted its Sixth Annual Trivia Night, and they let me be the emcee.

This was my second emcee experience, and the first one doesn’t count. It was also my first ever trivia event in any capacity. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous in the same way that Mt. Everest is a rather large pile of dirt and rock.

Turn-out was excellent, with over one hundred people in attendance. People were encouraged to bring their own food and beverages, and from my perspective on the dais, everyone looked like they were having a marvelous time.

The teams consisted of up to ten members each. We played ten rounds of ten questions, and awarded prizes for the top three teams. Two of the teams generously donated their winnings back to Friends in Action, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

In addition to the admission revenue, including revenue donated by sponsors, we had other exciting things going on. Many generous people or groups donated gift baskets, which we raffled off during the course of the evening. We also had a Heads and Tails game that was really enjoyable once the *ahem emcee got the hang of it. There were also two game enhancers, namely the Mulligans and the Hints. Mulligans are like the free space in bingo. Teams were allowed to purchase six, and use one per round. The Hints were a new concept for this year. I picked one question per round for which to offer a hint, then offered to exchange the hint for one dollar. Every table could purchase the hint. The idea seemed to be a success.

Clubhouse members helped set up tables and chairs, sell raffle tickets, and act as runners for the answer sheets and Heads and Tails money. Having them made the evening run very smoothly. Clubhouse thanks them.

I received many compliments for delivery and for timing. Certainly, I tried to keep the time between questions consistent, and the mood light. It seemed to pay off.

Without going into details, the net revenue from this year’s event surpassed last year by just under ten percent, and we hope to do even better next year. We already have several ideas that should make it a reality.

The one thing I’m absolutely sure about is my hope that they invite me back next year. I had a blast.
-Mike G

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The NAMI Conference

My name is Letitia and I would like to share with you about the wonderful time that we had at the annual NAMI conference this year. We arrived around 3pm or so, checked into our rooms, and relaxed for a while. I, along with six other Clubhouse members and our great Friends in Action Clubhouse, went out for a simple relaxing dinner before attending the membership meeting. Followed by the five film movie screening showing the trials and triumphs of people living day to day with their struggles, but not giving up. We enjoyed having an opportunity to learn about all the good NAMI does from family to family training, peer to peer, and the warm line. Saturday morning we had a great breakfast, learned more about new medicines, and what NAMI is doing around the state. The most important thing that we as members of NAMI can do is let people know we are not alone and we must never give up on our fight to end the stigma. I attended a group session on healing, childhood trauma, hoarding, a personal journey, and community mental health liasons. Everything I learned at the conference just motivates me even more to continue to strive to advocate for myself and others who’s struggle is similar to mine. Nami truly is about recovery.
Letitia D

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Transitional employment

Hi my name is Tim, and this is my first blog for the FIA clubhouse. I am about to talk the Transitional Employment program at the clubhouse. Well, I was the first person to go through the program. At first, I was excited to start the job because it was something new to try and something new to do besides staying at home and going to clubhouse every day. I started April 22 of this year and worked three days a week every week, up until October 24 of this year. Well the people I worked with was pretty much the same until the middle of the of the 6 month program. Then there was one person that was constant and that was my supervisor Dave. The owner of place, Jamie, while I worked took a chance on me and the clubhouse to do the Transitional Employment. I hope that the next person who that takes over for me stays with the job and I hope that person likes the job as much as I did.
-Tim C

Monday, November 3, 2014

Friends in Action Advisory Board

We met as Friends in Action Clubhouse instead of the BJC office starting this month. When Project Clubhouse and the Advisory board combined we needed more space, so what better place than our clubhouse. That also makes it much easier for “Cooking with Friends” to cater the meeting. Last night we had a lovely Caeser Chicken salad and banana strawberry punch bowl dessert.
The Advisory board is made up of BJC staff, clubhouse members and representatives from the community. It is facilitated by Helen Micken and staff assisted by Karen Miller. The board oversees fundraiser for the clubhouse and projects like Friendship House apartments.
The art show is a sub-committee. It raised $4000 this last year. The wall calendars are up for sale, see a board member or clubhouse to get yours early. Trivia night is our other big fundraiser it’s coming up in November. Details and workers were set up tonight. Anna gave an update on clubhouse, the new mission statement and introduced Mike Gehrke from clubhouse to speak about the work he has done on our web design and spread sheet. He has become quite an asset to us and his work is greatly appreciated.
Cindy from Clubhouse sat in on the meeting and was voted in to head the Art Show Committee, assisted by Maggie and Betty. Cindy also takes a group from Clubhouse Outreach to the Friendship House apartments community room. They take snacks and invite residents to visit and get to know each other. It helps our members to give back to the community.
We discussed trivia night and making a basket from the board for the raffle. We decided to do a basket for guys including tools, car stuff, fishing supplies, or sports supplies.
We got to see the new clubhouse logo and graphic design for our new sign.
The board discussed people from different businesses in the surrounding communities that might like the support Friends in Action Clubhouse or other projects from BJC.
Our next meeting will be January 26th, although sub-committee will be meeting before then.
Thank for reading our blog.
Maggie P, Clubhouse/Board Member

Monday, October 27, 2014

What is going on in FIA Clubhouse

We are caring and sharing positive things in the community through temporary employment, catering for businesses through our members. Our 2015 Wall Calendars are available now, so be sure to call us at 431-9620 to order yours today.
We have our annual Trivia Night coming up on November 15. It will be held at Heritage Hall in Bonne Terre from 6:30 until it’s done. Cost is $10 per person; teams are limited to 10 members. Bring your own food and beverages.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Ever since I began The Friends in Action (F.I.A.) Clubhouse back in 2011, I’ve found it to be a safe haven for the mentally handicapped. It is a peaceful environment and an escape, for myself, from everyday judgement about my mental illness.
We are as a family of friends who work as co-workers and team members to maintain and improve our Clubhouse. We can learn from the staff and from each other. We lead by example and find ourselves in this sanctuary!
I feel like an important member of society when I come to Club. The work I do at this place makes me feel better about myself. I love this Clubhouse..... Without it, I would be depressed and I’d isolate all day. Bless The Friends in Action Clubhouse. These truly are ANGELS upon the Earth. I’m probably not the only one grateful for this place!!
-Tim Archer

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeds of Wisdom

The Friends In Action was again asked to do all of the table arrangements for the event. We did over forty vases of beautiful fall flower in shades of orange, rust and red with a lot of olive green with brown vegetation . Some were accented with fall butterflys and peacock feathers. The new fashion using burlap strips as ribbons added to the already beautiful arrangements. There were also larger arrangement baskets for the stage . We have done the arrangements for the Seeds of Wisdom for the last five years. We must be doing something right. All the arrangement were used as door prizes, everyone who won one was very excited to have won it.
The event is always free, all attendees are asked to bring two cans of food for our local food pantry. Each year the event gets bigger and bigger. We always have two vans full of people to take to the event. And everyone seems to really enjoy themselves. Local health care groups often have a booth to give away imformation and pens or stress balls and lots of candy. Seeds always gives away cloth bags at the door when you sign in at the door, they are always nice and have the seeds logo on the side. This year they were a nice shade of red and were soon full of all the free give aways from each booth.
Doctor Subidi spoke about health issues for women. His talk was well recieved. Matt Weber an exercise specialist got our blood pumping by leading us in a few exercises for balance and stability to help us reduce falling incidents.
The Keynote speaker Jaclyn Rowe gave a funny and informing talk being willing and able to “Sharing your Abundance with others .” She was so good last year and was asked to be our keynote speaker this year.
All in all the day was fun and informative on several different subjects that are of interest about women’s health and wellness. Each year its getting better and better I can’t wait till next year... Maybe I will win one of the door prizes next year.
Betty W.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Seeds Of Wisdom

Seeds of Wisdom was a success. Two of the clubhouse members helped out early set up for the day. There were flowers to unload and put on tables floral, chairs to set-up, and vendors to help find their table. When the main door opened at 8:30am the crowd rushed in. They were all eager to check out each booth for information and mostly goodies. The FIA booth was managed by Brenda and Cindy. Lunch was Subway and the kids from UniTec help serve lunch. They made quick work of it.
There were five sessions; “Harvesting Health”, “Energize with Exercise”, “Don’t turn autumn into fall”, “Raking in the memories”, and “Sharing Abundance with Others”.
• Harvesting health was about getting our exams to make sure we are health and going to the doctor on regular bases.
• The presenter for “Energize with Exercise” says at least 10 min. a day of exercise can help. It helps loosen the muscles, joints, and also helps with balancing.
• “Don’t turn Autumn into fall” was about, if you fall, you evaluate yourself first then try to get up by yourself or have others help, and watch out for hidden dangers.
• Sharing Abundance with others is about that you can help other people out no matter how old/young you are. The word Share stands for S tart now, H ealth, A bility and availability, R eady, E verbody.
Then was over 50 door prizes were given out. All of the table decorations (made by Friends in Action) plus many of the vendor give items for the door prizes.
Written By Brenda F.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Journey to Inedependence

Clubhouse has shown me that I can become that person I once was independent and sucessful and living on my own again in an apartment in the community of Farmington somewhere. I went from Residential Care Facility to this with their help and my community support workers Nicole Smith and April Skaggs and many other people in my life.
I had to work hard and go through many hoops the Residential Care Facility (RCF) and show the people around me that I could live on my own again. First step was there where I moved into the independent hall at the Residential Care Facility where I spent time showing people around me that I could set up meds and take care of myself and set up rides to my doctor appointments. The last step there was their Transitional Living (T.E) apartment where I moved into it in May and left on the 2nd of Sepetmber 2014. When I moved into the community of Farmington to the Friendship House Apartments.
Let me take you back where I decide to do all this was July of 2011. I took the first step of a becoming independent and sucessful person. I enter the Indenpendent Living program at clubhouse and by this I attend groups and did skills through work crews and homework to show the skills of living on your own. By November of 2011, I hit a bump in my road of becoming independent and sucessful person I was hospatilized for behaviors but I picked myself up by the boot straps and got right back on my journey of becoming indenpendent and a sucessful woman. And I finished the Indenpendent Living program in January of 2012 and I knew that was one of hoops done and out of the way for me to move out. The other, was one year out of the hosptail and no self- sabotaging behaviors for one year. I step up to this challage and got my one year out the hosptail in November but couldn’t get the one year without behaviors so I went to talk with my community support worker and they suggested that I give DBT a try. By Sepetmber of 2013 I started DBT and my world turned around. I got one year with no behaviors and two years of hosptail now. So, with the help of clubhouse and my Community Support workers and people around me I was encouraged to move forward. I am excited to say in April of 2014 there was a meeting where I was told I would be moving into a T.E apartment at the RCF, by May i took my first step into my apartment. I can actually say that I am excited for my future and to start working toward gaining my guardianship back.
Tina W

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NAMI Training

My name is Tina W. Myself and two other clubhouse members, Letitia D. and Lisa P, attended a weekend training in Jefferson City for the NAMI facilitator training. NAMI is National Alliance on Mental Illness. We arrived around 5pm Thursday and training started Friday at 9 am.

We learned to run a support group for people like myself with a mental diagnosis. We learned that the most important thing is to have compassion and understanding and let them know they are not alone. We learned about “AIDS Us” which stands for “affirm, inquire, direct, understand, support.” We learned that while dealing with group members’ emotions or situations, there are not always clear cut right or wrong answers.

All three days of the training was very informative and intense. The trainers were very patient, helpful and supportive. In our free time in the evening we were able to do some sightseeing and shopping. The hotel staff was courteous and very helpful. The three of us look forward to helping others in the monthly NAMI groups with our shared knowledge.

Please join us every Thursday evening from 7-8:30 PM at Mineral Area Hospital for the NAMI Peer to Peer Support Group.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Accreditation Prep

Friends In Action Clubhouse, accredited by Clubhouse International…. I like the sound of that. It has been a long road and is not quite over. This has been a time of change and we are all in it together. The accreditation audit for Friends in Action to become an accredited clubhouse will be January 12-15, 2015.

We have been working hard to comply with the clubhouse standards in recent months, but now it is crunch time. We have implemented the work ordered day, the evening weekend and holiday social program, the wellness center and numerous other improvements. We no long offer coping skills groups at the clubhouse, but they are offered at our auspice agency. There have been arrangements made so that members are able to have transportation from the clubhouse to the groups. Staff and members have gone over many clubhouse articles as well as the Clubhouse International standards, individually and as a group. The purpose of this is so that we can understand the reason for changes that must be made.

There are still several items on our to-do list as well. We currently have one Transitional Employment position, but are striving for one more. We continue to work on the member handbook, making updates to reflect the changes that we are making. The resource center is up and running for the members, but we would like to expand our educational opportunities. We would like to form a relationship with the local community college and perhaps the vocational training center. We have a good start on the outreach program, but it is a work in progress. The self study is underway as well as the Clubhouse Profile Questionnaire. These are vital to take an honest look at the things that we have accomplished and the areas that require attention.

There are many other things that we have done and are planning to do, but these are just a few that come to mind. We are working towards this accreditation, because we feel that it is in the best interest of Friends In Action. As an accredited clubhouse we will continue to be able to provide our members with many beneficial services and opportunities as well as new ones.

Mike H.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We are Family

My name is Letitia and I am a very proud member of the Friends in Action Clubhouse. I look back on my life sometimes and I don’t know if I have ever had so many wonderful opportunities grow from one simple question. “How do I become part of that?” I asked this question of Kathryn Green at the first NAMI meeting, I attended back in August of 2013, when I met some of the clubhouse members that were in attendance.
Do you like to paint? Are you interested in touching up or learning computer skills? Are you willing to put in an apron and explore new recipes in the kitchen? Would you be more comfortable checking the vans to see if they need oil? How about planting some green tomatoes and then helping fry them up for lunch on a day when you feel like trying something new? There are so many things to do at F.I.A Clubhouse. It is a place where you are always needed, always welcome if you are good at something or even if you are not. If you are not, you will be encouraged to try. We have a floral department where you can help create beautiful floral arrangements. You can take part in the art classes and help with paint, sketching, etc. you can help the drivers take care of the vans. You can be part of Cooking with Friends catering service and help cook and deliver delicious meals to Life Center, Agency meetings, etc. no two days are exactly alike here at Clubhouse.
If you are a BJC client and are looking for place where you feel like you are a part of something and want to work on improving your social skills, then the Clubhouse is the place for you. We are one big FAMILY! Here at Clubhouse no job is too small to have meaning. No person is too independent to need a shoulder to lean on. No day is one where your absence will not be noticed. On top of all that, you can get the best cup of coffee in town for free!!!
By: Letitia D.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 Real Choices Real Voices Conference

The 2014 Real Voices Real Choices conference was amazing! The attendance this year was over 900 people. It increases close to a hundred people every year.

There were so many great classes, that is was hard to decide which one to attend. Some of the classes were: Learning Social Skills, Dealing with Grief and Loss, and Healthy ways of eating and so very much more. Anyone who attends always brings back information to pass onto members and staff.

They also have some fun stuff going on. There was a talent show, pizza party and karoke, something on every night we were there.

You make new friends every year you go as well as seeing the friends you have made in previous years. It's delightful to catch up on things going on in someone else's life. It feel's like going to a reunion.

Every year they have lots of door prizes to give away. This years grand prize was a 40" Flat screen TV.

I encourage anyone who would like to attend to do so. You learn so much and is a "Wonderful Experience!".

Carol R

Thursday, August 28, 2014

RVRC Consumer Conference Part 1

On August 17th-19th one staff and 6 members from the clubhouse attended the 7th Annual Real Voices Real Choices Consumer Conference at Tar-Tar-A resort in Osage Beach, MO. Below is an article from one of this year’s attendees.

Brent shared, “The Real Voices Real Choices Conference was good. This was my first year attending. It was a really neat experience for me. While there, I learned from one of the sessions that the role of a Crisis Intervention Officer is to prevent injuries to themselves, family members and the individuals in mental health crisis. There was a session on “Hunting, Fishing and Other Outdoor Activities.” I learned there are certain kinds of equipment designed for people in wheelchairs to ski and shoot guns and also enjoy the outdoors like people without a disability.
Brent M.

More articles to follow from other attendees

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Upcoming Events

Thursday, August 21st, 2014
A marketing group from St. Louis arrived today. They are going to assist us in seting up a new web page for clubhouse and put us on facebook also. There is going to be a new clubhouse logo for all BJC clubhouses.

We have been working on the calendar for 2015, we have several pictures turned in already. They took some pictures of the BJC Friends in Action clubhouse calendar that might be later used in a brochure for marketing purposes. The pictures on the calendars seem to be getting better every year. We have several new artists that are contributing to the calendar. We have several returning artists that have outdone themselves this year. So we hope to be able to sell more calendars this coming year than before. Because we are going to try to do better advertising for the calendar.

We are having a contest to design a poster for the holiday season. See Betty for entry forms to be filled out and attached to each picture that is entered in the contest. The size has to be 8.5” x 11” and we have card stock that is that size and its stronger than regular paper so its better for the poster. They have to be turned in by september the 10th to Betty or take them to the Farmington office to give to their case worker. If you win you get a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Editing Done By:
Matthew Queen
Betty Wood

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Clubhouse Update 8-8-14

We are still working on improving our word order day. Some people like it and some don’t. Jeremy C, a 34 year old consumer, likes all the new changes that have been made and approves of all new jobs he gets to do. He has been coming to clubhouse since 2008. He said that he didn’t care much for the groups and meetings we had before. He enjoys being helpful to other consumers at the clubhouse. If there is anything or anyone he can help, he is always ready to help do whatever needs to be done. He is very helpful with the older consumers who have walkers and need help getting them in and out of the vans. He often just rides along on the vans so that he will be there to help if he is needed.
He also likes having the holiday celebration on the date of the holiday instead a week ahead or before the holiday, one of his favorite jobs is putting the group into the computer that needs to be done daily. He also help keep our vans clean, empties the trash and any other job that needs to be done. He has signed up to be one of the consumers that are picked to live in one of the new apartment complex, Friendship House. We hope he will be accepted and move into one of the apartments. He is a great person and always has a smile and a helping hand. We really appreciate him and his continues support of our clubhouse.
August 7th Anna drove a van to Jefferson City to the NAMI Facilitators Training. Letitia D, Lisa P, and Tina W are the three consumers that are attending the training seminar. Since this is a ‘ Peer to Peer’ group Anna plans on getting some work done while the ladies are attending the group, and we know that she is only a phone call away. They will be returning August 10th. And hopefully will give us a good report about some of the things they have learned
The ladies will attend work sessions ever day and when they are done they will be able to hold meetings for the NAMI group. One of the reasons more facilitators are needed is at the present time there is only one group for all to attend. Two groups are needed one for only consumers and one for family and friends of the consumers, Peer to Peer groups are only able to be attended by the consumers and no staffs are allowed to attend.
The clubhouse is offering a place for the two separate groups as we have two separate areas for both meetings to be held at the same time. This would be better for our consumers and we hope the offer will be accepted.
As our clubhouse works toward a ‘work order day’ each success leads us more and more to be an accredited clubhouse. Some of our consumers miss the way it was before but a lot like Jeremy are really are happy about all the changes. Some of our new consumers who have not know the old ways of doing things are really fitting in. But some of the older people who have been here longer really miss the awesome auction, and shopping trips. So on we grow.

Betty W.

Friday, July 25, 2014

What does the Clubhouse Mean to Me??

This is member Lacy A. I have been a member of the Friends in Action Clubhouse since 2008. I first started to come because I have depression and lived by myself. I couldn't stand to be by myself because I would literally sit and just think about all kinds of stuff. It was usually about the depression or bad stuff that has happened in my life. I have since learned to give it all to God and rely on Him. I married my best friend in 2011 and had a baby girl in the same year. So I no longer live by myself, but I still come to the clubhouse. My reasons have changed since I got married and had a baby. I come to see my friends and to get out of the house. It still does help with my depression somewhat because it distracts me from thinking about it. I don't think about it as much as what I used to but it’s still there. To me the clubhouse is kind of like a second family. We get along sometimes but sometimes we don’t. :-) The clubhouse means there really are people out there to help people like me with mental health. People with mental health are just like everyone else. We hurt, cry, laugh, smile, sing, dance and everything else. Your coworker, friend, spouse or anyone can have a mental health issue and you wouldn’t even know it.

Lacy A

Friday, July 18, 2014

How does our garden grow??

How does our garden grow? FIA’s garden is growing great. For such a small plot we grow some really great veggsies. The peppers and tomatoes and beans are on the menu at lunch. Our flowers out front are doing well except for our poor roses. Some type of bug must have gotten them, because they lost all their flowers and then all their all the leaves and the branches dried up and so we chopped them down. Hopefilly we can replant them next year.
As part of our work ordered day we have weekend and evening activities. We loaded up two vans of people and went shopping last night. We had a great time and people were able to do some personal shopping and had a real good time also. We have a suggestion list posted on the information board for other ideas for other things to do. One night we are having a movie night here at the clubhouse. Hot dogs and nachos and John Wayne with Mike. Can’t have a better plan then that.
We have been working on art for our new 2015 calander and are about ready to take them to the art/advisory board to choose which pictures are selected to be inculded. Putting a calander out is a lot of work. List and lists or special days, and holidays. A couple of days I really like the men cook today day, and the everything’s good with chocolate day.
They are still working on getting the Friendship house open so renters can move in. It will be great when they get to open up, so many of the clients here are so excited to see if they are picked to move in.
We miss our Ms. Donna but she felt it was time for her to move on to another job. We miss her but are happy she has a new job that she enjoys. But we still have our favorite staff, Anna, Mike , Dawn, Cindy and our two drivers Harry and Mike.
And as always the friends are here and old and new friends help each other and we have a really great time learning to grow.. \

Betty W.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Work Order Day

The word of the day is busy busy busy. The work is never ending, it takes a lot of cleaning to keep our clubhouse clean. Every one contributes their cleaning skills and if they don’t know how to do a certain job their is always some one to show you how to do it.
Keeping our clubhouse clean is just one of the jobs we do. Outside jobs are a major part of our work order day. The kitchen group caters meals for different group meetings such as the CQI meeting that meets ever second Thursday of the month and the Advisory Board that meets quartly are two of the major catering jobs. We also do other cating and everyone raves about the food. Some of the favorites are our fruit salad, chicken salad. Brownies and Jacks bread pudding, Yummy yummy. The cooks who make all this delicious food work hard to make every thing as good as they can. They are alway complimented on the great job they do. We are getting well known for our catering and that has lead to other catering jobs, like the Life center, and the Peer special group.
Then there is our Floral shop. We make and sell flower arrangements. Some of the arrangements are on display at the Farmingtom office and at Parkland Hospital, we are always contracted to make flower arragements for the annual ‘Seeds of Wisdom’ event.
Mrs. Karen Miller is very much involved in our Floral shop. She comes over and give demonstrates on how to arrange and use colors that complement each other. It is just not sticking flowers in a vase and letting them poke up where they can. The first step is always thinking about what you to accomplish with the arrangement, where it is going to be displayed, the size of the area where the arrangement is going to be set. You have to think about the colors and the style of the flowers that are used and the container it will be in. It is fun to see what beautiful things you can make. It gives you self-esteem a gratified boost when you know one of your creations has sold.
We are still selling some of the paintings that were left over from our Art show in March. Dawn takes painting to the different sites to hang on our traveling wall. Paintings on this wall are still for sale. It takes a lot of work to keep up with all the paintings and the money collected and the precentage taken out for the clients totaled up and keep on record is a job that is time consuming. The calander for 2015 is an ongoing process. There are cards to be made and sold and it is never to early to start on paintings for our 2015 Art show,
Other jobs like keeping our canteen open and opening our little store are a daily clubhouse job, cleaning and setting tables for lunch cleaning the tables after lunch, keeping our bathrooms clean, sweeping and mopping the floors, calling members to reminding them that they are signed up for the next day. Calling members who haven’t been here in awhile, sending our cards, making new cards, are just a few of the many jobs we do on a daily basis. We try to make sure that everyone if included in our daily work. It is always a mood lifter when someone tells you that you have done a great job.

Betty W.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Evening, Weekend and Holiday Program at Friends in Action Clubhouse

In our ongoing journey to become an accredited clubhouse the evening, weekend and holiday program is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects. This transition, as with most change, has been a struggle for both staff and members. The premise behind this program is that the daytime, during “normal working hours” is for the work ordered day. We spend this time doing things that need to be done to keep the clubhouse running. Not only do we keep the clubhouse clean and organized, there are many other tasks that we complete during the day. These tasks include, but are not limited to: ongoing fundraising efforts, scrapbooking, the floral shop, the catering crew, gardening, administrative tasks and cooking.

We feel that it is important to offer these evening, weekend and holiday activities to our members. It is important for our members that are working out in the community, to have the opportunity to attend the clubhouse. These activities are their chance to stay connected with their friends at the clubhouse. We offer the ‘fun” activities outside of the work ordered day because that is when you would be able to engage in social activities when employed outside of the clubhouse. This is also a time that we can attempt to re engage members that have stopped attending the clubhouse regularly.

Here at Friends In Action we offer an evening social activity about once a week. We attend the local NAMI meeting every month. Members enjoy attending this monthly meeting as a time to connect with others outside of the clubhouse and learn about advocacy and mental illness. We also offer activities such as personal shopping, movies at the clubhouse and parties. The members also decided to attend a Gateway Grizzlies baseball game once this summer.

Weekend activities can vary, but most of the ones that we have offered so far are tied to our fundraising program. We offered our members the opportunity to attend the Friends In Action Art exhibit earlier this year. This fundraiser is our biggest of the year. We also offered our members the chance to be involved in and attend the 2nd Annual St. Francois County Mental Health Walk. This fundraiser is a collaboration with other agencies and the funds raised go to our local NAMI chapter. Members are encouraged to become involved in these fundraisers. They have the opportunity to assist in every aspect of the fundraiser from the planning, to the jobs that have to be done the day of the event.

We have jumped into the evening and weekend activities with both feet, but the Holiday activity program at Friends In Action has been a slower transition. According to this standard, holiday celebrations are observed on the day of the holiday. We offered a Thanksgiving dinner last year. We had several staff volunteer to come in and make a Thanksgiving lunch and members were invited to attend. The attendance was not as high as we had hoped, but everyone in attendance had a good time. We attended a Fourth of July Celebration in one of the local towns this summer. We had the opportunity to watch the parade and visit the booths at the celebration. Members shared that they had a wonderful time and were thankful that they had the opportunity to attend. It is important to offer these activities; because a lot of our members do not have family that live in the local area nor do they have the opportunity to attend social events. They consider the clubhouse their “family” and without these opportunities they would spend the holidays home alone or at their RCF. I think that we are going to stick with our two holidays this year, but I am sure that we will expand to include other celebrations.

The evening, weekend and holiday program at the clubhouse has hit its bumps along the way, but is working out well. The members tell me that they like the social events that are offered as part of this program. Members and staff collaborate to determine the activities that will be offered each month. We are always looking forward to the next event. Who Knows? Maybe we will see you at the next one. If you are interested in volunteering to help with any of our evening, weekend or holiday events, contact us at 573-431-9620.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Grizzlies Game

Last Wednesday, a group of clubhouse members and staff loaded up the clubhouse van and headed to Sauget, IL for a Gateway Grizzlies baseball game. The event had been planned for a few weeks and all you signed up for the trip were excited to go. There was plenty of laughter and clubhouse kinship on the trip. The ride was enjoyable and traffic was not too bad. We stopped at quick trip on the way up for drinks and a break. We arrived just in time to see the start of the game. The Gateway Grizzlies were playing against the Schaumberg Boomers. We had great seats on the Lawn and the weather was beautiful. We even had some shade up on the lawn. It was Half Way to Christmas night at the ballpark. There was a happy jolly Santa along with a few of his elves and assistants. There was plenty of Christmas music and I really got a kick out of seeing Santa in his red T-Shirt, red shorts and beard. He was looking just a good and he does at Christmas time. It was one dollar hot dog night at the ballpark as well. It was so great to be among friends, in a peaceful, yet exciting environment. I don’t things we could have asked for a better Wednesday evening road trip. Yeah for the Grizzlies!!!!!! By the way they won 7-3.

Letitia D

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Clubhouse Picnic at Forest Park

We were recently invited to attend a picnic at Forest Park.  The guests included members and staff from Friends in Action and three other Missouri clubhouses.  We packed up the vans and left out early Friday Morning, so that we could enjoy a full day at the Park.  We brought along our washers, Frisbees and other outdoor games.   For the two days prior to the picnic we made brownies.  We thought that there would be about 175 people there, so that’s how many brownies we made.  It took a while, but we got them done.   When we arrived, Forest Park was the place to be.  There were people everywhere.  I guess that it had something to do with the beautiful weather we were having.  It could not have been any nicer.  We finally found a parking spot and got unloaded.  They picnic was in full swing when we arrived.  There were people playing washers, some were talking and a small group had the BBQ grill going.  We jumped right in, playing games and making new friends.   After lunch most of us decided to walk down to the zoo, since it was not very far.  We only had about an hour to spend, so everyone grabbed a buddy and off we went.   Everyone met back at the appointed time and we walked back to the pavilion, which was uphill the whole way, to meet up with the rest of our group so that we could pack up and head back to the clubhouse.  We got packed up and made it back to the clubhouse.   The day was a success with no major incidents.  Everyone had a good time and is looking forward to next year.  Thanks to the Independence Center for organizing the event and doing all of the barbecuing.   Maybe next time we will volunteer to do the cooking. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Miss Betty's May Update

Our clubhouse has friends all over. We have reached out to other clubhouses around the world. We have been in contact with them through the magic of the net. We even have pictures showing some of our global friends. We are glad to have a interpreter application so we can read what they wrote to us. It’s fun to see and hear from other clubhouses in Europe, South America, and Asia.

The catering business is growing by leaps and bounds. We have a big job catering for the Peer Specalist group in Farmington for the whole week. We still cater for the CQI group and the newly combined Art council/advisory board. We also still cater for other groups outside of BJC such as the Life Center and NAMI meetings.

Our floral center has been moved upstairs since we now have the Canteen and Exercise center down stairs. It is slow right now, but we hope to pick up as the holidays are coming up.
All the changes have made it hard for some to adjust to them all. We are a work in progress learning and growing daily.

Something exciting is that we have all seen the floor plan for our new clubhouse. We all added our ideas about what we would like to see and any changes we might like. It looks like such a wonderful place and we are all eager to see it start being built. The open house for the new ‘Friendship House’ apartments will be on June 17, 2014. East Missouri Action Agency is already taking applications to get them filled. We all are ready for the building of the clubhouse to get started. Lots of excitment over this new project has been building and is the subject of many conversations.

Of course, since it is getting warm, we have already put out our garden in front of the building. The garden was a huge success last year and we are really looking forward to some fresh vegetables. We hope we have no moles this year.

We are starting to get new and more support for the new clubhouse changes a little at a time. There is much room for improvement. As always, change brings little and sometimes big bugs to be worked out, but we are coming together. Our clubhouse—no matter the changes—is still the best place to come to learn and grow as a family of friends. We support each other and cheer each other on as more of the group get jobs or go into independent living apartments. Others start going to school or join groups that are helping them grow into the kind of people they would like to be.

As always, we are ‘Friends in Action.’ We support, encourage, praise, and just give a good old pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on.  
--Betty W.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Journey to Independent Living

The Friend in Actions Clubhouse has helped become independent. In the last couple of days I have moved into my own apartment from a RCF. The way the clubhouse has helped is giving me a place to come and work on becoming my own person through the IL program. I have lived in Residential Care Facility since 2009. This is the first time being on my own and I am very excited. Thanks to the wonderful people in my life and helping me get here. Without the help of my CSS, Friends in Action, the RCF staff , and my guardian I wouldn’t be where I’m today. Living in my own place, hospital free for over 2 years and a RESPECT speaker. I have overcome my own stigma with my mental illness through all of this. And have learned that I'm not alone on the journey in life. I have people that I can turn to and ask question if need. This has been along time coming for me. I have been struggling with self-sabotaging behaviors and other things in my life. Without the help of DBT and Friends in Action staff Dawn helping me through it I would not be out on my own. Thanks again.

Tina W

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mental Health Walk

The second annual St. Francois County Mental Health Awareness Walk was a success. The weather was beautiful and the turnout was great. BJC BH along with the St. Francois County Mental Health Board and NAMI of Southeast Missouri sponsored this year’s Mental Health Awareness Walk.

The purpose of this event was to raise money for NAMI of Southeast Missouri and to educate the public about mental illness. There were 87 members of the community who participated to support our local NAMI chapter and to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. We had 20 vendor and sponsors that set up booths at the walk to provide information and fun free give a ways for the attendees. There were 16 employees from the BJC BH Southeast Site that attended the walk. Some of them volunteered to assist and others came out to support a good cause and participate in the walk. Nineteen members from the Friends in Action Clubhouse joined in the walk and assisted with any tasks that needed completed during the event.

A big thank you goes out to Driver Mike for getting up early and having everyone at the walk on time. Karen Adams from the St. Francois County Mental Health Board was our emcee this year and started off with a few words. Dot L. and Chris W. (RESPECT speakers) shared stories of their struggles with mental illness and how they have triumphed. Karen Miller from BJC BH and Susan Valle from NAMI also addressed the crowd.

The walkers had the option of a short walk or a longer trail. Everyone finished the walk with no problems and a good time was had by all! After the walk, door prizes were given out. These prizes were donated by members of the community. We had everything from hair care products to hats and t-shirts. The Pampered Chef vendor gave away a very nice pizza stone as well.

We raised a grand total of $1437.50 for NAMI of Southeast Missouri. The money will be used to assist members of the community that are in need. Thank You to everyone that came out and supported our cause. If you would like to be involved in next year’s walk feel free to contact us at the Friends in Action Clubhouse at 573-431-9620.

Mike H

The 2nd Annual St Francois County Mental Health Awareness Walk

It was really larger than life. Come on and all to be part of something that is greater than yourself. By blotting out the stigma and labels that have stereo typed so many Americans. By coming together and communicating and telling their stories we will reach the heart of St. Francois and surrounding counties. Straight from the heart.

Curtis E

Friday, May 2, 2014

Day at Busch Stadium

Monday was a blast!!! We went to the St. Louis Cardnials game at Busch Stadium. There were 17 people that went and we had all kinds of fun. We cheered the Cardnials on but they lost to the Brewers 5 to 3. It took 12 innings to do this. We stopped twice, once on way up for dinner and on the way back to get something to eat or drink. My thoughts of the night are that it was long and tiring. But also alot of fun,the Cardnials made two homeruns in one inning which was neat to see. Clubhouse offers alot of fun activies for us to do in the evening or weekends. We are working toward being a certificated clubhouse. Are next activiy is May 10th which is are Mental Health Walk at 8am to 12pm at Engler Park in Farmington Mo. Which is are 2nd annual walk. Please come out and helps out to fight the stimga on Mental illness.
Tina W.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Ramblings of Miss Betty

After all the excitement about the art show has started to settle down a little. The show if over but there is still a lot of work to do. Now comes the time to add and subtract all the money and figure out just how much each person who entered a painting receives the correct amount of money as their share of the sale, and of course there’s always the money has to total just right so everyone gets their fair share. The cost of the Factory and the food and all other items that had to be purchased have to come out of the money too. Then there are the paintings left on the wall that will have to be taken down and some rehung on our traveling wall that moves from site to site. As always the staff and clients who do so much will take care of this also. They are so good and we appreciate all they do.

April 24 2014 we celebrated with an Easter Party. It was great, a lot of people had a wonderful time and as always ate too much. Chocolate was every where . We had great games as always. Shannon said she really enjoyed the game of Hot Egg. It was played a little different if the egg was in your hands when the music stopped you keep the candy filled egg. The reason Shannon liked the game was because 8 out of 8 times played she won. All 8 games!

The egg toss game was played by all and at least she didn’t win this one Paul and Tommy won that. We usually have a candy count and this time we had two. One has M&Ms and was won by Miss Judy. She always get so excited when she wins. Jack had the right guess for the Jelly Beans. Just talking and laughing with your friend always makes for a great day.

We had great lunch with sub’s and chips and dip. We had a very special dessert. A gooey chocolate brownie was topped by ice cream and then strawberries and finally a big scoop of creamy cool whip. One think you can always count on out clubhouse knows how to have a great party!
Join us at the new art tables in our new art area. We need to get busy painting pictures for our calendar
For 2015. Pick a month and base your picture on the month you choose. We need to have them done by September. So come on over and lets paint.

Betty W

Thursday, April 24, 2014

“Supporting Recovery Through Art”

Submitted by Maggie Payne, artist/clubhouse member

“Supporting Recovery Through Art” (formerly “Inspired by my Illness” Art Exhibit) raised more than $3900 for Friends in Action Clubhouse.

As the guests arrived at the 6th Annual Friends in Action Clubhouse Art Show and Sale, they were greeted by me, a proud clubhouse member and artist. From there, they could see our lovely refreshment table decorated with flowers and lemons. Clubhouse members, Brenda, Lindell, and Tina along with clubhouse staff persons, Donna Gilliam and Rebecca Burris, worked at that station throughout the event. Soft music was provided by Bill Miller.
Almost 300 pieces of artwork- sketches, oil painting, acrylics, pastels, ink and pencil- lined the walls at The Factory for our best show yet! A wide variety of styles were done by clubhouse artists; some season ed and some new. We also opened “Supporting Recovery Through Art” to the public this year. We had tremendous response from BJC clients-both adult and youth- and staff, family members, friends and people from the community who all reached out to us to donate artwork. The sales from this year’s show are the largest in our 6 years. The artists had the opportunity to receive up to 20% of the sale of the items, however many artists donated the full 100% of the sale to clubhouse. Clubhouse will begin distributing the artists’ portion from our total sales.
Several select pieces were chosen for the live auction. People really seemed to enjoy outbidding each other for a favorite piece. Some of the work this year was so exceptional. Water colors and oils were a big hit. The highest bidder of the multi-medium butterfly painting on canvas received a $150 gift certificate toward matting and framing by the local company, Crossroads Custom Framing. The auction brought in $1650.00!
For the first time we offered wine tasting through Sand Creek Vineyard. Yvette and Paul Govero worked the table and donated 100% of the tasting proceeds to clubhouse- total $160.00.
We have so many wonderful partners, both in-house and in the community, that helped prepare for the show. The members, artists, and staff at Friends in Action and BJC BH worked hand in hand to make this fundraiser a success. Members helped matt, frame, affix the backing and hooks and wrap each piece weeks ahead of the show. Other members helped hang the artwork at The Factory the week of the show. Clubhouse staff persons, Dawn Mathes and Cindy Hoeflein, were the lead coordinators for this event. Our lead artist, Betty, was visible all evening at the show attempting to sell the last of our 2014 FIA wall calendars (we still have more to sell… only $3 each and they have artwork displayed each month). Associate Director, Karen Miller, filled in for the auctioneer after he was unable to attend. Clubhouse staff person, Mike Hunt, was a “runner” during the live auction as he climbed the ladder for each piece and then handed each piece to one of the two clubhouse members, Lisa and Tina, who then displayed the artwork through the crowd as the bidding wars began. The check-out table was busy all night thanks to everyone who helped collect money: Caitlin Ford, Rebecca Counts, Letitia and Anna Portell. There were so many great people involved it’s hard to mention everyone. We are grateful to everyone who had a part in supporting this event!
Artwork not sold will remain displayed at The Factory through April 30. Bella Tu Salon & Spa, located in The Factory, has partnered with us and will be accepting payment for any artwork sold until April 30. The “traveling art wall” will display pieces not sold at the show and will be in the lobby at BJC Behavioral Health, SE site, the month of May in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.
Our clubhouse is at full capacity and we need a larger facility so badly. The clubhouse encourages people with a mental illness to build their confidence and take part in the community around us. It helps us to live a full, productive life. If you were unable to attend the event this Saturday and are interested in donating to clubhouse, you can contact clubhouse at 573-431-9620 or fiaclubhouse@bjc.org.
Now … the clubhouse artists will begin preparing for our 2015 wall calendar that will be on sale at the end of this year.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2nd Annual Mental Health Walk

Name: St. Francois County Mental Health Walk
Date: May 10, 2014
Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
BJC Behavioral Heath, in collaboration with the St. Francois County Mental Health Board and the local NAMI chapter, will be holding the 2nd Annual Mental Health Walk on Saturday, May 10 at Engler Park from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Mental illness affects one in four Americans each year. It does not discriminate, affecting anyone, anytime, anywhere. The purpose of this event is to educate the community on mental illness, as well as resources available for those individuals/families who may be suffering.
All donations are tax-deductible and will remain in St. Francois County to be used to support individuals and families in need.
For more information or to sign up as a vendor, contact Donna Gilliam or Michael Hunt at 573-431-9620.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Art Show is Coming

On Wednesday morning we took a roadtrip to St. Louis to pick up some artwork. On the way we had quite the adventure finding the place that we were supposed to pick up the art work. The GPS got us lost a few times but we figured it out in our own. Some of the artwork that we picked up is amazing, it's above and beyond what we were expecting. A lady donated all of the proceeds from her artwork to our new clubhouse. The other people were excited to give their artwork and be part of the art show this year. As an artist myself i have a couple of paintings in this years art show. I am excited for all of the artists involved. The art show is April the 12th from 4pm to 8pm at the Factory in Farmington, MO. Clubhouse and their art program has helped me through my journey of getting better and recovering from my mental illness.

Tina W.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Clubhouse friends are working and getting ready for the art show. There is a lot of work to be done to get ready for this year’s art show. The painters are just the start of the process of getting prepared.

Framing is one of the trails that have to be faced first, getting the right sizes so that the picture will fit and still look nice. Putting the wire of the back and then wrapping them in brown paper so that they are ready to be transported to "The Factory" is just one of the many things that need to be done.

The staff of F.I.A. works hard so that every year our art show is bigger and better. We try to do something new and different each year.

Each year we do get better and we will one day be one of the main events of St. Francois County. It will be an event that no one will want to miss. Maybe even featured in the St. Louis papers! We hope to one day to famous for our art show.
Betty W.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Art show in Progress

Different colors of acrylic paint, markers, and colored pencils are works in progress as talented members create masterpieces to be placed in our 2014 FIA art show. The art show is a yearly project to help raise funds to assist with the building of our new clubhouse. A new clubhouse is desperately needed as space is limited for many of our tasks such as wellness, art and floral shop. Attendance is growing but our walls are not expanding.
We end our week this week with a fun note. We are playing Bingo- some for fun and prizes, while others are serious and pay to play with money being the prize. and what is better to spend the money on then our newest fundraiser CANDY BARS !!!!  For $1 you can enjoy a Carmel, krunch or almond, So just find a member and ask for candy. We can supply!!! : )

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hill Day

Hill Day was February 18th and 19th 2014. Hill day is a mental health rally and opportunity to advocate for mental health services and meet with local legislators to ask for continued support of mental health services.
We left for the Rally on Tuesday afternoon and headed to Jefferson City. On the way we stopped at Steelville to grab snacks for the road trip. we spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express in Jefferson City so that we did not have to get up so early on Wednesday for the rally. We went to dinner at Perkins near the hotel, then all went out separate ways at the hotel. Some of us went went swimming at the hotel pool or exercised. Others gathered in the hotel lobby to make signs for the rally. Then a small group went for a walk around the hotel before bed. The next day started with breakfast at the hotel. We then set off for the capital for the day. At the capital we met with local legislators and talked with them about the problems that we face in the southeast region. We then watched a debate at one of the house hearings. We gathered in the basement of the capital for a pizza lunch. we then went to the rally in the rotunda were we heard Governor Nixon speak about the challenges of mental health services. After the rally we headed home with new information on medicaid expansion and posters for our yards. It was an awesome time and a learning experience at the same time. We really learned a lot.

Tina W

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

What a great week at clubhouse.

• The clubhouse officially became smoke FREE on January first. Everyone has to go out to the alley if they want to smoke these days. We are calling it 100 steps to wellness. It is about 50 steps to the alley and 50 steps back to the building. We would like to improve our wellness at the clubhouse.
• We started off the week sending 2013 off with the annual New Year’s Eve party on Monday evening. Everyone joined together to play games and dance the night away. A taco salad (we love our taco salad) was severed for dinner that evening before we put on the music and danced the night away. Of course the evening ended with a New Year’s Eve toast with sparkling cider.
• New Year’s Eve Day Curtis designed us a time capsule that we plan on opening at next year’s party. It was fun to see the items that were placed in the box. Someone placed the end of their belt in the box. He had lost enough weight that he did not need that end anymore. He wanted to make sure that he did not need it next year. Then Anna pulled up our 2013 Clubhouse goals. We took a look at 2013 and what we achieved and started a new list for 2014.
• We got a little snow and ice on Wednesday night, so clubhouse started a late on Thursday. Cindy went out and picked up a few members that lived locally. Then we spent the day taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning up the clubhouse. Anna and a couple of members spent several hours counting money and working on the cash spreadsheet, so that we could go to the bank.
• Friday came and we had a small group. I think the cold kept some people at home. It was in the single digits when I got the clubhouse, burrrr.
• Wellness was a blast this afternoon Mike headed downstairs to our new Wellness Center and worked with the dumbbells, jump ropes and did some stretching exercises
• Mike explained to everyone here today about the Mental Health Rally that well be held at the state capital in February. We are hoping to have the opportunity to talk to our legislators while we are there. Chris, a clubhouse member, has volunteered to speak at the rally. We are hoping to have a representative from NAMI come to the clubhouse later this month and teach us how to tell our stories and orchestrate a successful dialogue with elected officials.
Well I guess that is about all for now, so, until next time I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend.

Friday, January 31, 2014


This week at clubhouse was a busy week. We had a catering event Monday night for the Advisory Board for clubhouse. We went to St. Louis on Tuesday for are new van and Boweflex. But the van was broke down and so we couldn’t bring back the Boweflex either. But we brought back some of the Boweflex to clubhouse. Wednesday we had our Indentpent Living graduation and we had 6 members gradute. Thursday and Friday were not as busy as the beinning of the week.

Clubhouse has helped in my journey of getting out on my own in March 2014. The staff here has given me guidance and strenght a long the way of this journey. The clubhouse was the first place that I felt that I belonged in a long time. I have people here that understand me and what I’m going through and they are like family to me. I’m graduate of their Independent Living program from 2012 and this has shown me that I can do it and make it. Clubhouse has showed me things that I never dreamed of like doing my artwork again and being a public speaker for mental illness.
Tina W.


The Friends In Action Clubhouse is a wonderful place to be part of. The compassionate, thoughtful staff and members work together to find fun and interesting things to do. On Thursday, January 23rd, a group of members and staff went to the Family Fun Center in Farmington, It was to enjoy an evening out and also celebrate January birthdays. We enjoyed bowling, good conversation, and enjoyed birthday cake made by members Jack and Laurie. I was truly a great evening.

Letitia D.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Art Art Art

Art is on the calander this month, Creative showcase has to get all fixed up and get mailed off this week. Painting, drawing pastels all racing to get everything done. Paper work and more paperwork to do. Two sheets for one show to fill out and another for the next show. For those who paint the fun has just started. New people want to do some thing too. They need some help and encouragement, and then it all comes together for them and they have a painting they did. They are always surprised at what they have done.
We are going to have a new part of our own show at the factory. Its a new artist growing and learning section so that new painters can show off their art work too,
The bad thing about the art shows is getting all the pictures framed, brown paper gluded to the backs, and then the wire on the back so they can be hung. So new painter and our all regular artist get your paint brushes clean and dig the right size canavas you have been wanting to paint. Our art show is just around the corner. See you at the art table yall.

Betty W

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fundraising and Donations

Fundraising and Donations

Friends in Action Clubhouse
206 Crane Street
Park Hills, MO 63601

The wellness center is well on its way to adding options for improving our health. We were fortunate enough to have a Bowflex machine donated to the clubhouse from the Central site. Thank you, Debbie Mackie!!!!!! We are also working on applying for a grant to get additional equipment that will benefit members.

The Mental Health Awareness Walk committee met for the first time yesterday. The walk will be May 10, 2014 at Engler Park in Farmington. The committee is ironing out the details and securing sponsors. We are optimistic that we will reach our goal of $3000. The money that is raised will be donated to the local NAMI affiliate. NAMI’s goal is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma related to mental illness. If anyone would like to assist with the walk you can contact Dawn Mathes at the clubhouse (431-9620). Donations can also be mailed directly to the clubhouse (206 Crane St., Park Hills, MO 63601). We hope to see you all there.

The clubhouse has been buzzing with talk of the art show as well. It will be here before we know it. The annual Friends in Action art show will once again be held at The Factory, ‘A’ St., in Farmington on April 12, 2014. This week we have begun working on matting and framing members’ art work. The members have been working on new artwork to enter in the show. The money raised from the art show will be added to our Project Clubhouse fund. Donations can also be mailed directly to the clubhouse.

Friends in Action is in need of a new digital camera. Unfortunately, ours mysteriously vanished a while back. We were hoping that it would mysteriously reappear, but there was no such luck. So, if any Friends of the Clubhouse out there have a digital camera that you no longer need, please contact me at the clubhouse.

Thank you all in advance for your support. Until next time, I hope all is well and remember that YOU have a friend!


Friday, January 3, 2014


What a great week at clubhouse.

· The clubhouse officially became smoke FREE on January first. Everyone has to go out to the alley if they want to smoke these days. We are calling it 100 steps to wellness. It is about 50 steps to the alley and 50 steps back to the building. We would like to improve our wellness at the clubhouse.

· We started off the week sending 2013 off with the annual New Year’s Eve party on Monday evening. Everyone joined together to play games and dance the night away. A taco salad (we love our taco salad) was severed for dinner that evening before we put on the music and danced the night away. Of course the evening ended with a New Year’s Eve toast with sparkling cider.

· New Year’s Eve Day Curtis designed us a time capsule that we plan on opening at next year’s party. It was fun to see the items that were placed in the box. Someone placed the end of their belt in the box. He had lost enough weight that he did not need that end anymore. He wanted to make sure that he did not need it next year. Then Anna pulled up our 2013 Clubhouse goals. We took a look at 2013 and what we achieved and started a new list for 2014.

· We got a little snow and ice on Wednesday night, so clubhouse started a late on Thursday. Cindy went out and picked up a few members that lived locally. Then we spent the day taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning up the clubhouse. Anna and a couple of members spent several hours counting money and working on the cash spreadsheet, so that we could go to the bank.

· Friday came and we had a small group. I think the cold kept some people at home. It was in the single digits when I got the clubhouse, burrrr.

· Wellness was a blast this afternoon Mike headed downstairs to our new Wellness Center and worked with the dumbbells, jump ropes and did some stretching exercises

· Mike explained to everyone here today about the Mental Health Rally that well be held at the state capital in February. We are hoping to have the opportunity to talk to our legislators while we are there. Chris, a clubhouse member, has volunteered to speak at the rally. We are hoping to have a representative from NAMI come to the clubhouse later this month and teach us how to tell our stories and orchestrate a successful dialogue with elected officials.

Well I guess that is about all for now, so, until next time I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend.