Friday, September 25, 2015

Seed of Wisdom Women's Conference

I went to the Seeds of Wisdom with Friends in Action Clubhouse. We were right on time getting there. They opened the doors at 8:30am and we all signed in, to go through the lines, and check out all of the vendor tables. We got a lot of goodies to bring home and a few of our members won prizes. We had a good time listening to all of the speakers. A few of our members are trained RESPECT speakers. Mike Gehrke and Christine White did a phenomenal job giving their presentations. There was also a speaker who taught us how to exercise while sitting in our chairs to "build the core muscles." The exercise was great and I felt much better afterwards. We were served lunch which was brought to us by Subway for free. We enjoyed complimentary coffee, juice, and water throughout the day. We were also provided with fresh fruit, donuts, and other treats. Then we went back into the conference room and learned about all ages- from 0-88. I was the last of the baby boomers- I am 67 years old and I enjoyed everything AND everyone. I give them all an E+ or A+, which is the very best marks in the school I went to.
With Love, Beatrice P. Young (P.S. I want to go again!)