Monday, October 27, 2014

What is going on in FIA Clubhouse

We are caring and sharing positive things in the community through temporary employment, catering for businesses through our members. Our 2015 Wall Calendars are available now, so be sure to call us at 431-9620 to order yours today.
We have our annual Trivia Night coming up on November 15. It will be held at Heritage Hall in Bonne Terre from 6:30 until it’s done. Cost is $10 per person; teams are limited to 10 members. Bring your own food and beverages.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Ever since I began The Friends in Action (F.I.A.) Clubhouse back in 2011, I’ve found it to be a safe haven for the mentally handicapped. It is a peaceful environment and an escape, for myself, from everyday judgement about my mental illness.
We are as a family of friends who work as co-workers and team members to maintain and improve our Clubhouse. We can learn from the staff and from each other. We lead by example and find ourselves in this sanctuary!
I feel like an important member of society when I come to Club. The work I do at this place makes me feel better about myself. I love this Clubhouse..... Without it, I would be depressed and I’d isolate all day. Bless The Friends in Action Clubhouse. These truly are ANGELS upon the Earth. I’m probably not the only one grateful for this place!!
-Tim Archer

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeds of Wisdom

The Friends In Action was again asked to do all of the table arrangements for the event. We did over forty vases of beautiful fall flower in shades of orange, rust and red with a lot of olive green with brown vegetation . Some were accented with fall butterflys and peacock feathers. The new fashion using burlap strips as ribbons added to the already beautiful arrangements. There were also larger arrangement baskets for the stage . We have done the arrangements for the Seeds of Wisdom for the last five years. We must be doing something right. All the arrangement were used as door prizes, everyone who won one was very excited to have won it.
The event is always free, all attendees are asked to bring two cans of food for our local food pantry. Each year the event gets bigger and bigger. We always have two vans full of people to take to the event. And everyone seems to really enjoy themselves. Local health care groups often have a booth to give away imformation and pens or stress balls and lots of candy. Seeds always gives away cloth bags at the door when you sign in at the door, they are always nice and have the seeds logo on the side. This year they were a nice shade of red and were soon full of all the free give aways from each booth.
Doctor Subidi spoke about health issues for women. His talk was well recieved. Matt Weber an exercise specialist got our blood pumping by leading us in a few exercises for balance and stability to help us reduce falling incidents.
The Keynote speaker Jaclyn Rowe gave a funny and informing talk being willing and able to “Sharing your Abundance with others .” She was so good last year and was asked to be our keynote speaker this year.
All in all the day was fun and informative on several different subjects that are of interest about women’s health and wellness. Each year its getting better and better I can’t wait till next year... Maybe I will win one of the door prizes next year.
Betty W.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Seeds Of Wisdom

Seeds of Wisdom was a success. Two of the clubhouse members helped out early set up for the day. There were flowers to unload and put on tables floral, chairs to set-up, and vendors to help find their table. When the main door opened at 8:30am the crowd rushed in. They were all eager to check out each booth for information and mostly goodies. The FIA booth was managed by Brenda and Cindy. Lunch was Subway and the kids from UniTec help serve lunch. They made quick work of it.
There were five sessions; “Harvesting Health”, “Energize with Exercise”, “Don’t turn autumn into fall”, “Raking in the memories”, and “Sharing Abundance with Others”.
• Harvesting health was about getting our exams to make sure we are health and going to the doctor on regular bases.
• The presenter for “Energize with Exercise” says at least 10 min. a day of exercise can help. It helps loosen the muscles, joints, and also helps with balancing.
• “Don’t turn Autumn into fall” was about, if you fall, you evaluate yourself first then try to get up by yourself or have others help, and watch out for hidden dangers.
• Sharing Abundance with others is about that you can help other people out no matter how old/young you are. The word Share stands for S tart now, H ealth, A bility and availability, R eady, E verbody.
Then was over 50 door prizes were given out. All of the table decorations (made by Friends in Action) plus many of the vendor give items for the door prizes.
Written By Brenda F.