Friday, September 30, 2016

Meet a New Member

Name: Carrie E.
Favorite TV Show: Law & Order SVU
Hobbies: Drawing birds as well as gothic illustrations
Favorite activity at the clubhouse: I’ve only tried cooking so far, but it will probably be causing trouble!
Interesting fact about you: I’m into Celtic/Irish hobbies be-cause of my ancestry.
Amount of time attending clubhouse: This is my very first day! I’m so excited!
First impression of clubhouse: It was a very new and odd experience for me.
How do you want the clubhouse to help improve your life: I want to meet new people because sometimes I suffer from social anxiety.
Do you want to add anything else: Nope

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Employment Spotlight

We have several Transitional Employment (TE) placements available to help people get back in the work force. These temporary jobs last 6 months and are part time. Members can use these skills to get jobs outside of the clubhouse. Recently Letitia D. got a job as a receptionist at East Missouri Action Agency in Desloge, Missouri. It isn’t a TE job, but her attendance at the Clubhouse helped her get the position. Here is an interview with Letitia to shine some light on her responsibilities and how she is enjoying it. If you have any questions about open TE positions or want help getting a job outside of the clubhouse, don't hesitate to contact the Clubhouse or check the bulletin board.

Name: Letitia D.

Job: Receptionist at East Missouri Action Agency

Time There: 4 Months

Schedule: Part time around 20 hours a week

Duties: Answer phones, provide people with information about the agency, greet customers, create a comfortable environment, and make sure everyone we see signs in.

Favorite duty: Talking on the phone, I have the gift of gab.

What is your opinion about it so far? It’s a wonderful job and by far the nicest job I have ever had! All of my co-workers are supportive and the hours are perfect for my schedule.

How did Clubhouse help with your current job status? I would say that going to the clubhouse and doing jobs gave me the skills and confidence I needed to make a proper transition

Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Member Spotlight - Kevin M.

Meet a New Member

Name:  Kevin M.                   
Favorite Movie: Matrix                          
Hobbies: Baseball, My Daughter
Favorite activity at the clubhouse: Answering  the phone
Interesting fact about you: I’m a cool guy, very positive, speak my mind
Amount of time attending clubhouse: This is my first week
First impression of clubhouse: Hope everything works out
How the clubhouse is helping to change your life:
Main goal is to get a job to help everything else fall into place.