Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June Birthdays

 Kayla P.    6/6
Dashia R.   6/8
Brooklyn Y. 6/9
Judy T.     6/11
George B.   6/11
Ricky G.    6/11
Sean S.     6/14
Edna S.     6/14
Ron H.      6/16
Jerad S.    6/16
Bea Y.      6/16
 Warren C.   6/21
Shane C.    6/22
Dorathea S. 6/22
Bernita H.  6/25
Triston Mc. 6/25
Mike N.     6/26
Richard M.  6/27
David R.    6/28
Jeremy C.   6/28
John H.     6/29
Andrea C.   6/30

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The grand opening day was a success. We enjoyed the staff speeches, they were all great. We also enjoyed all of our visitors from Independent Center and Eastern New York Clubhouse. We had Dan Rothery, behavioral health president, and Barbi Berong, behavioral health vice president with us to celebrate along with our very own Supervisor Anna Portell and Site Director Karen Miller. We enjoyed the food and all of the different departments. We thank Steak n Shake, Qdoba, and Cici’s Pizza for providing such great food and drinks. Jack Mc was the 1st member to ride in on his bike. We had a ribbon cutting at 2pm. Members  -Lindell, Peggy, Ed, and our newest staff Bekah were able to hold the scissors for the cutting. The daily journal and BJC Today photographers were here taking pictures of the event. We look forward to seeing those printed. The day was perfect and we are excited to have our work ordered day in our new beautiful building.

Bea Young