Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello from Maggie

The art show prep at Clubhouse is in full swing. Ms. Betty is holding extra evening art classes, so people can finish their paintings. Cindy and a lot of helpers are matting, framing, and wrapping all the finished pieces in preparation for the trip to the Factory.
The art show is on April 11th from 4-8 with an auctionat 6pm. There will be at least 200 pieces this year. The Clubhouse members, BJC clients and the community have reallt come out strong. The art is exceptional.
There have been a lot of community donations and they are beautiful. Please plan to attend and maybe purchase a piece for yourself.
There will be light refreshments and Karen Miller's husband will provide music to enjoy while looking. The auction will take place upstairs (there's an elevator.) 35 pieces will be selected from all the work submitted. There will be a raffle again this year at the sign in table by the front door.
We will be announcing on Radio stations, in the paper and with fliers. The proceeds of all this hard work and beautiful art work will get Clubhouse a little bot closer to a brand new, bigger Friends In Action Clubhouse. Maggie P, Artist and FIA member.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just wanted to share with you...

I would like to encourage other Clubhouse members or BJC clients to not give up. When your mental illness seems to get the beest of you or you don't think things can ever change in your life. Just hold on. Use the support systems like Clubhouse, family, friends, your doctor, and case worker.
It's been 6 years for me to go from being so afraid of speaking to people even on the phone. I was so agorraphobic that I only left apartment when I had to. Going outside was not a pleasure it was full of fear of the surroundings and the people. It was a long journey with small steps but now I can talk to just about anyone, even on the radio. I know things at the Clubhouse are different but the love and care is still there. You just need to stop looking back at what was. Just like with you with your mental illness, you will go forward from what you are today from what you used to be. Also what you can be in the future as your illness is under control. Tere may be set backs,but you just go from where you are. Both of my daughters are now receiving help from BJC and Clubhouse becaus they saw the different me than the one they used to know. sometimes your illness becomes part of them too and they realize getting a little help is ok. Just keep trying, talking, and sharing. I pray for my fellow FIA Clubhouse members each night for peace and guidance.
God's blessing, Maggie P