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Monthly Newsletter / Calendar / Lunch Menu

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These events are provided to members as part of the evening / weekend / holiday social program.

Evening / Weekend / Holiday Events for Members:

Events for the month of July

4th       Tuesdasy    10am-2pm             4th of July BBQ                   w/ Greg, Mike
11th    Tuesday       4:30pm-7:30pm   Pool Party Park Hills Pool  w/ Bekah, Tonya
15th    Saturday      10am-2pm             Personal Shopping             w/ Anna, Bekah
18th    Tuesday       4:00pm-7:00pm   Movie Night                         w/ Greg, Mike
24th    Monday       5:00pm-6:00pm    Meet and Greet board members dinner

Monthly Calendar Definition Sheet

Daily Tours: Clubhouse gives tours to visitors of the Clubhouse and also potential members.
Daily Orientations: New members learn about the history and potential of the Clubhouse. They set up a goal plan, and watch a video, and also a Power Point presentation on how the Clubhouse can work for them.
Daily Unit Meetings: Members meet twice a day to organize & prioritize Clubhouse work.
EWH (Evening, Weekend, Holiday): These social activities take place in the evening/weekend/holiday. 
EWH Event Planning Meeting: Members meet to decide what monthly social activities we will host.
Mobile Outreach: Visiting homes of members and potential members as well as the hospital. Getting people up to date on recent activities and sharing information about the Clubhouse.
Friendship/Cluster Apartment Outreach: A mobile outreach specifically targeted for those residents.
Outreach Team Meeting: Meeting to help organize member contact information and/or contact members that have not attended recently. This includes: updating member list and board, outreach phone calls, and planning for future outreach events.
Meal Planning Meeting: Meeting to plan the food menu and shopping list for upcoming month.
Employment Meeting: Meeting to discuss employment opportunities for members and also brainstorm about new job leads and improvements.
In-House Colleague Training: Meeting where members/staff learn about the 36 standards from the Clubhouse International program that sponsor the Clubhouse.
Transportation Meeting: Members meet to discuss all issues relating to transportation, including how to improve the transportation system.
Fundraising Meeting: Meeting about various fundraising activities and brainstorming future ideas.
PH Chamber Meeting: One staff person and one member attend the Park Hills chamber meetings to keep connected with the other businesses in the region.
House Meeting: Members meet to discuss current issues, receive training, and hear about updates.  During this meeting, decisions are made through a consensus.
NAMI Support Meeting: Clubhouse will offer transportation to/from this community event however will not be available during the meeting.  NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) provides support and education to people living with family members who have been diagnosed with a mental illness, as well as a peer-to-peer support meeting for people living with the effects of a mental illness. 
Wellness Meeting: Members/staff meet to discuss the topic identified on the calendar in an effort to improve overall wellness.

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