Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 has been an exciting year at Friends in Action Clubhouse.

According to Clubhouse International Standards, our clubhouse should be open five days a week, including holidays. This is our first year of being open for the holiday’s and the response has been wonderful. We had so much fun planning and cooking for them. Party hats and all the decorations made the clubhouse look really festive for 30 members on New Year’s Day. 40 people came to enjoy a pot luck lunch on Memorial Day. You would not believe all the food we had. How can you resist BBQ brats and hot dogs on the July 4with 34 of your clubhouse family? This year was our second year for hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and again we had 23 members at the dinner. Christmas dinner was the best; we had ham, Kelly’s Homemade stuffing, and everything else that we could think of. That day 24 members arrived to join in on the fun.

Happy New Year's
From Friends in Action Clubhouse

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Journey Back to School

Og Mandino once said, “Failure will never overtake me, if my determination to succeed is strong enough”. At a critical time in my life, I was inspired to go back to school. I was inspired by my father’s caseworker, who also had disabilities. To me, she represented hard work and determination. I met her when I went to visit my father in the hospital. She sat down and talked with me and my father and helped us work through some of our issues. She inspired me because despite her disabilities she seemed like she was a hard worker and cared about the people that she took care of.
First, the caseworker and I discussed the situation with my Dad and for the first time I was able to be open with him. The situation that we talked about was not good, but the outcome of talking about the situation created a better atmosphere. After this, she shared some experiences she had known about, prior to this meeting in regards to my father. These experiences were not good ones, but helped me to learn more about my father. This caseworker helped to go above and beyond just through communication and taught me the importance of this. My father had acted the same way toward her as he had with me, knowing that she was in a wheelchair. I found though, that her disability did not hinder her progress and this inspired me. This event changed me because it made me realize that if I put my mind to anything I can become anything that I want to with a lot of hard work and determination.
I was even inspired by her work. I had had previous experience working with mental health. I had a social worker in high school. She had also inspired me when she was working for me, the way she took care of my needs helped me to feel at peace with things. After this I began thinking about a career in the mental health field. This experience reassured me that this is what I wanted to do with my life. If someone with some of the same disabilities as me could do this profession then I knew that I could too.
This event was important to me because it involved my father and I really looked up to my father, but also because this experience taught me to never give up on my dreams. If you have a dream, you should go for it, no matter what your circumstance is. I chose this specific experience because this is what inspired me to go forward with the journey I am on.
Another thing that inspired me to go back to school was my mother. My mother decided to go back to school at fifty years old. One of the main reasons she went back to school was to show her children that you are never too old to go back. The first child to pick up on this lesson was of course me. The second was my sister. My sister has gotten her RN and has even encouraged me to continue on with my journey to school. I look up to my big sister as well and she has really inspired me to continue on. When I lived with her that was one of the things she often said. “To live with me you need to either have a job or be continuing your education.”
I have been going to Friends and Action Clubhouse for a couple years now and along the way I knew that I wanted to do this kind of work, but being at clubhouse and seeing all the staff there and how much they take pride in their job and how much they care for the members really inspires me even further. I know, like I said in the beginning, it will be a lot of hard work, but in the long run it will pay off. I know by doing stuff in the work order day and helping lead clubhouse meetings it will better help me with what I am facing in my journey and in my future.
On my own journey back to school, I have learned that it is tough. It is a lot of hard work, but I know in the long run it will pay off. Failure can never overtake me, if my determination is strong enough.



Friday, December 11, 2015

Our Monday Evening December 7th

WOW! St. Paul’s Lutheran Church from Farmington came to the clubhouse and put on a concert with their hand bells. “Oh My God!!!” they were great. I mean the sound’s they made were just phenomenal. One of our staff members, Cindy plays in the hand bell choir. Everyone all really enjoyed the evening. After the concert everyone stuck around so that we could have some punch and goodies. So, why not come and enjoy some of our day and night activities. Our next event is December 21. We will be having a band from Southeast Mental Center. It’s going to be a blast.

Kenny O

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Evening, Weekend and Holidays (EWH)

Evening, weekend and holidays is a time that we all look forward to. It's special time where you will hear: "At the Clubhouse" This statement means: That we are the "happening now crowd". We are "encouraged to join" in the EWH. It's where we come together to watch a movie, football game, or do whatever we enjoy. December 3rd we watched a Christmas movie called "Polar Express" and had some great food. Mike Hunt made some awesome chili and everyone else brought something. We had a great time eating supper and watching a movie. You can not ask for a better place. Like the saying goes "there is no place like home" and to me Friends in Action is home. It's better then Disney World.
Kenny O

Sunday, November 29, 2015

First Thanksgiving at Friends in Action Clubhouse

My first Thanksgiving was the best one that I have had in a very long time. Since my wife passed away my life has changed and I have hit rock bottom. Since I joined the clubhouse my life has once again changed, but this time it was for the best! I was stuck going know where; my life was in complete turmoil! But positive stuff has happened to me. I’ve met some great people at Clubhouse and some have even welcomed me even into their homes. People treat me as if I was their long lost brother. When I am asked if I spent the day with my family I can say “yes I did”!
Kenny O.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Catching up with art department.

It’s getting that time of year again, we getting our creative juices flowing. New cards designed for the art line of cards that we sell for our clubhouse. I know several of our artists have been working on.
Our floral shop needed some more flower arrangements to put on display at our BJC office to sell also. On Monday Mrs., Karen Miller came over and taught a group of people about making beautiful flower arrangements. Mrs. Miller can do wonder things with flowers and a piece of ribbon. Everyone enjoyed themselves every worked on their own piece and they really turned out good, and some were taken to the office to be put on display in hopes that they will sell.
Even though our art show is not till April 8th we need to start working now. More supplies are being ordered old paintings are taken out our frames and the canvases are being reused. Mike W. Has been working to get some painted and helping others work on paintings for the art shows.
Besides our own art show we need pictures for the “The Creative Show” in Jefferson City. We always enter art work there every year. Some people have got really nice prizes from money or chosen to be on the traveling wall that is set up in different areas around the state. They are on display at the Farmington MO. Library.
We also enter some art work at St Louis University. We usually go up to the reception and the display of our art can be different types of art like poetry, sculpture. Music and sewing or whatever, you can enter it all. We usually enter several art pieces.
The past few arts exhibits we have attempted to do something and if we have done an art auction that has worked out well. This year we are going to try work on using better frames to frame our art.
Good days on the way as we get closer to showing off our BJC talented artist. We all enjoy sharing of the joy of creating a beautiful piece to share with others. We often put a little of our soul in what we create.
Betty W. 11/13/2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Clubhouse is to ME

When I first joined the Clubhouse, I was scared and depressed. But, right from the start the members and staff made me feel welcomed like I belonged there, and I do. The Clubhouse is home away from home. Whether living independently or in an RCF, everyone is treated equal. If you are suffering from depression or any knid of mental illness and are a client of BJC-BH, you cannot go wrong with becoming a member of Friends in Action. At the Clubhouse you matter in this wicked world. Really, try it out!
1. It’s a place where you can go and enjoy the company of people who will not judge you. These people will not talk about you behind your back. This is a place where you are not just a mental illness, you’re family.
2. Friends in Action Clubhouse is a member driven Clubhouse and a place where you can learn how to cope with your illness as a family, a family that will not abandon you when you need them the most. They are the most awesome people who will not let you down!
3. At the Clubhouse you learn skills that will help you in the real world. You learn how to cook, comparison shop (pick out the best price of things that you need), and to live independently. For the most part you can enjoy your life the way you’re meant to and the way you truly want to.
-Kenny O

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My First Park Hills Chamber Meeting

Cindy and I got to attend the November 17th Park Hills Chamber meeting. When we arrived at Mineral Area North Campus, we signed in and received out ticket for lunch and the door prize. Next we headed to the buffet table and got our lunch. We ate lunch after we found our seats.
After lunch we had the business meeting. We talked about the Tushies and Toes ending on at the next Chamber meeting and to sign up if you want to be part of the Business Spotlight.
Our guest speaker was Chris Westrich from Parkland Health Center. It was really interesting hearing about all of the changes at the area hospitals. The Business Spotlight was Missouri Baptist University.
During the Investor Announcements, Cindy talked about our 2016 calendars and invited people to purchase one. One lady bought one from us.
The next meeting will be the holiday party at Elizabeth Hall on December 15th.

By Bea Y.
Friends in Action Clubhouse

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My NAMI Weekend

Well, we left here after lunch on Friday. There were 7 of us. We had four men and three women. We went on a trip from Park Hills to Lake of the Ozarks. When we arrived we thought we were without a room, but the name was spelled wrong. We had the best place, it was a condo instread of a hotel room. We had brand new furniture and a fire place and everything. It was beautiful. Thanks to Clubhouse for the wonderful room. We were too excited to sleep that first night. We were in a two bedroom, two bathroom, condo and it was just beautiful. I liked everything. I sure enjoyed the Ice Cream Social that our room hosted our last night.
Now let’s see, then we went to the NAMI annual meeting and listening to the DBT presentation. Some of the speakers were a little bit long winded. Everything was good. I like DBT, I graduated once and now am taking it again. We each had the opportunity to take notes throughout the conference.
I learned about the VA this weekend and I learned the different stages of the military. I learned about NAMI HomeFront this weekend. There is training in January, if the weather permits us, we would like to take this training and further assist the veterans in this area. I believe that we are all ready for the next meetings to come along. There is more to respect, faith, and prayer… LOVE is the most important. We are not machines we are humans.

Beatrice Young

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What has Clubhouse done for you?

My name is Kenny and I am a member of the Friends in Action Clubhouse. I have been a member since October 28, 2015. I have not been depressed, as much, since joining the Clubhouse. I have met some interesting people and made some new friends and I have been able to help in the Clubhouse work ordered day. I have been asked everyday why I come to Clubhouse. I say “because it helps with my depression, but I really feel like I am a part of something. I belong somewhere. I have not felt this way in a couple of years. The Clubhouse is my sanctuary, a place that I can go to where, for a few hours a day, I don’t worry about or stress about my past few months or years. That is why I come to Clubhouse.
Before I became a member of the Clubhouse, I lived a life of constant stress. I worried about the smallest things. I stressed about where I was going to get the help that I needed to get back to where I needed to, in order to become the person that I know I am. The staff is “awesomatic,” which means automatically awesome. The members are the friendliest group of people. They have all treated me like family. This is my home away from home. The Clubhouse has also given me a sense of being. It has showed me that I do belong on this Earth and that there is a reason for living. I am here, as a man, I have a purpose. I do matter in life. My case worker is a God-sent, without her and my daughter I would not be here. They have saved my life. My case worker referred me to Clubhouse.
Thank you, all of you, with my life. Above all, thank you for your lasting friendship and love. Will I come back? YES, I WILL!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My T.E experience at Park Hills River mart:

From Jasmine:
My experience has been really excited and life changing. At first I was nervous and my anxiety was bad. I thought I was going to mess up and screw everything up,but that wasn't the case. I now know great work skills and how to talk to others well, instead of being scared of saying the wrong stuff. My boss and fellow coworkers are so incredible. They don't treat me differently and don't look down on me because of my illness. I am so appreciative of having this position and am looking forward to my future with River Mart.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Seed of Wisdom Women's Conference

I went to the Seeds of Wisdom with Friends in Action Clubhouse. We were right on time getting there. They opened the doors at 8:30am and we all signed in, to go through the lines, and check out all of the vendor tables. We got a lot of goodies to bring home and a few of our members won prizes. We had a good time listening to all of the speakers. A few of our members are trained RESPECT speakers. Mike Gehrke and Christine White did a phenomenal job giving their presentations. There was also a speaker who taught us how to exercise while sitting in our chairs to "build the core muscles." The exercise was great and I felt much better afterwards. We were served lunch which was brought to us by Subway for free. We enjoyed complimentary coffee, juice, and water throughout the day. We were also provided with fresh fruit, donuts, and other treats. Then we went back into the conference room and learned about all ages- from 0-88. I was the last of the baby boomers- I am 67 years old and I enjoyed everything AND everyone. I give them all an E+ or A+, which is the very best marks in the school I went to.
With Love, Beatrice P. Young (P.S. I want to go again!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Real Voices, Real Choices Conference

We left at 7am to go to Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach, MO. The van was as packed as it could be. First thing we did was to head for a place that had caffeine to help keep us awake. The rest of the way went smooth until Cindy's phone's GPS decided to take us elsewhere. But after several turn arounds, we finally arrived at our destination. When we got there, we registered for the conference and waited for our rooms. Since we were a little early, the RVRC crew already provided planned games in the main hall room. It allowed a chance to talk and get to know people and mingle. There were numerous speakers and break-out sessions to choose from. Each speaker and break-out session was very informative and interesting. Each break-out session had a drawing at the end of their presentation. At night time, the RVRC conference crew planned karaoke, movie, bingo, or game night, or you could do what you wanted to do. On Monday night, the Friends in Action group had a pizza party in Cindy's room. It was great for all of us. The days started early and ended late, and sleep was super welcome on Tuesday night. I had lots of fun and met interesting people and hope to do it again next year.

Brenda F

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fourth of July Picnic

I would like to thank everyone that came to the Fourth of July BBQ at Friends in Action.  I was also like to thank everyone for the joyful time at the clubhouse and a special thanks to BJC and the staff. 

Ed F.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Busy day

The "Out Reach" team was busy today. One of our members is in the hospital so they stopped in to say "Hi". Then they dropped in on a couple of other members to check and see what they were up to.
While the "Out Reach" team was busy, a couple of the members headed out to buy some flowers for the flower shop. It looks like "Florals by Friends" is going to be busy!
Tonight is game night. There is a lot of cheering going on. Know one seems to care who is winning or losing.  Friends just relaxing and enjoying some social time. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We had a happy 4th of July

We hope you had a happy 4th of July. Friends in Action was full of chatter on the 4th. This year we grilled hamburgers and everyone brought something for a potluck. Talk about food!!! We had 2 - 8' tables covered with food. Everything from bake beans to Earthquake cake.

Monday, June 8, 2015

This Weekend...

“Country Days” is a yearly festival in Farmington, MO on the 1st weekend in June. They hold a parade, talent show; there are carnival rides, and all kinds of good food. Friends in Action Clubhouse decided to make Country Days part of our EWH program this past weekend. We had so much fun. It was very hot. I wasn’t planning to go, but wanted to. I received a call the day before inviting me to join Clubhouse for the day. I was excited to go. The Country Days parade was good. The high school band was good. There were antique cars that came by. I liked the dancers, people on horses, and the farm tractors. There were many different floats, but the church floats stood out to me. Everything was so good.
Ruth T.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

From Julie:
I went on a mile-long walk with the Friends in Action Clubhouse. I enjoy talking with a lot of people. I really liked the speeches that the [RESPECT Institute speakers] gave. I really enjoyed being at the park with my clubhouse family. --Julie

Memorial Day, the whole story...

Prior to our accreditation, we always celebrated holidays as a Clubhouse family, but never on the actual day. After our first Clubhouse International training in 2013, we began moving toward holiday celebrations on the actual day. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day and had 13 members attend the event. Then, in 2014, we celebrated July 4 and again Thanksgiving- both having about 22 members.

This year we will celebrate every holiday on the actual holiday. This past Monday was our first celebration for Memorial Day. Due to weather reports, we moved the bar-b-q/picnic from the lake to Clubhouse. That move did not dampen any spirits!! 40 members attended this event along with 2 staff members!!!!! Our daily average attendance is 30 so this was amazing!!! Many members participated in the washers tournament.... the winning team was: Lindell and Brent. Other games included ring toss, bowling, bean bag toss, and board games.

Our Clubhouse is becoming well known for its potlucks and Memorial Day was no exception. Bonnie, Julie, and Warren were the "Grill Masters" and prepared pork steaks for all of us. Liane was a busy bee in the kitchen preparing "extras." The dessert table did not have Betty's volcano cake (I have yet to tell her how much I missed that and HER at the picnic), but it did have Jessy's amazing rocky road cake, Mary's coconut cream pies, apple crisp from Chris and Tommy, Tim's Oreo cookies, and Shannon's fruit salad (yes... it was considered a dessert because it was full of coconut and marshmallows and very sweet). We had plenty of other choices also: Julie's homemade potato salad, Gerry's potato salad, Shannon's deviled eggs, Sheila's green bean casserole, Brent's cucumber salad, Mike's pasta salad (without onions so I didn't have to pick them out), Carol's famous mac n' cheese, Cory's coleslaw, and of course a picnic wouldn't be complete without chips and soda....which we had plenty of.

It is comforting to be a part of this Clubhouse family and being a part of making our own traditions (at the Clubhouse) for each holiday.

Anna & members

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WE forgot to take pictures...

We had Karaoke last night. We, the Clubhouse members sang and danced with music. Anna, Clubhouse director danced with some of us and Mike, member sang and danced also. Many members sang beautiful songs. Maggie and Letitia, to name a few members, did a beautiful job. Staff and Clubhouse members had a lot of fun at Friends in Action!!
-Julie H

Friday, May 8, 2015

Thank you

Dear Friends in Action:
Thank you for welcoming me into your Clubhouse with open arms. I have gotten to meet some amazing people, that just so happen to have similar mental problems that I have. I have gotten to meet many talented people in this Clubhouse.

Some of the people can paint, some can do math well, and some can clean wonderfully. Some of the people here can build things, while others can use a computer as if they were born with one attached at birth. I guess practice makes perfect. I am writing this to say how much I appreciate all of the members here at Clubhouse.

Julie H

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Job Fair

On, Wednesday the 29th of April a group of Clubhouse members and I joined the job fair at the Centene Center in Farmington. It was great. We got to be a part of some interviews. We were given a lot of papers to read. We collected many gifts from the multiple booths. We were able to visit with each of the vendors and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed myself. I went to look around, but I want to get back into school. I would like to go to beauty school and start shampooing hair again. I was a shampoo girl for over 35 years and it was great. We were taken home after the art show. We had a great time!
Thank you! Bea B.P.Y

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring has sprung

It’s over, our art show is behind us now. The people who had their pictures in the show have already gotten their money, and some have probably already spent it. Now we can take a much needed rest for a while.
The clubhouse can now focus it’s efforts on preparing for spring. Getting our garden spot all ready for planting. We will soon be going and picking out our plants and getting them in the ground. We all really enjoy our fresh vegetables we pick from our garden.

We will also be working to get the front of the building all prettied up with new flowers and pulling all the weeds out. We want our yard to be beautiful so visitors will see how proud we are of our clubhouse.
This new warm weather makes us all want to be out in the sunshine enjoying ourselves. It’s getting to be bar-b-que time and yard sale time. Maybe even having picnics in the park and outside games and fun fun and more fun. Mike might even take us fishing again.

We have a couple of projects, now that we have more time. One is a booklet for the members of the clubhouse to share their thoughts through poetry or short stories to be published here at the clubhouse for the members. We have an example of a booklet published by the Independence Center. Their’s was done in memory of one of their members who passed away.

I want ours to be devoted to the people at the clubhouse who have many talents other than painting and need an outlets for their talents. I know we have some very talented people here who write some beautiful poems.Some have written some interesting thoughts about their friends. This bookletcould also be use to thank someone writers know or tell others what BJC has done for them. Anyone who wants to contribute to our Clubhouse book is welcome to enter. If you have a great picture or even a small drawing we can put that in also. You can even share a favorite recipe or a picture of a craft item they have made.

Next month I hope we will start back having our craft evenings for 4pm to 6pm a couple of days a week. Lets all get ready for more beautiful spring weather and get outside. Betty W.

Friday, April 17, 2015

7th Art Exhibit is now in the books

The Friends in Action 7th Art Exhibit is now on the books. It was a fun night filled with food, wine, and art. It was a time for meeting old friends and meeting new friends. The doors opened at 4pm with a crowd ready to check out the art.
We had a steady stream of art aficionados through the night. Most had trouble trying to decide which piece(s) they wanted. At 6pm our live auction started. Forty pieces of art were auctioned off. At times we had exciting bidding wars going on. By the end of the auction, we had raised close to $2,500.
During the evening, appetizers and wine were served. By the end of the evening, the exhibit had brought in almost $2,000. Another $360 was donated from the wine, rent-a-paddle, and raffle. We had over 300 pieces of artwork at the exhibit this year, over 1/3 sold that night.
We wish to thank all the artists that donated artwork. Your work is beautiful and very much appreciated. Without the support of our community, we could not have had an Art Exhibit of this quality.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello from Maggie

The art show prep at Clubhouse is in full swing. Ms. Betty is holding extra evening art classes, so people can finish their paintings. Cindy and a lot of helpers are matting, framing, and wrapping all the finished pieces in preparation for the trip to the Factory.
The art show is on April 11th from 4-8 with an auctionat 6pm. There will be at least 200 pieces this year. The Clubhouse members, BJC clients and the community have reallt come out strong. The art is exceptional.
There have been a lot of community donations and they are beautiful. Please plan to attend and maybe purchase a piece for yourself.
There will be light refreshments and Karen Miller's husband will provide music to enjoy while looking. The auction will take place upstairs (there's an elevator.) 35 pieces will be selected from all the work submitted. There will be a raffle again this year at the sign in table by the front door.
We will be announcing on Radio stations, in the paper and with fliers. The proceeds of all this hard work and beautiful art work will get Clubhouse a little bot closer to a brand new, bigger Friends In Action Clubhouse. Maggie P, Artist and FIA member.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just wanted to share with you...

I would like to encourage other Clubhouse members or BJC clients to not give up. When your mental illness seems to get the beest of you or you don't think things can ever change in your life. Just hold on. Use the support systems like Clubhouse, family, friends, your doctor, and case worker.
It's been 6 years for me to go from being so afraid of speaking to people even on the phone. I was so agorraphobic that I only left apartment when I had to. Going outside was not a pleasure it was full of fear of the surroundings and the people. It was a long journey with small steps but now I can talk to just about anyone, even on the radio. I know things at the Clubhouse are different but the love and care is still there. You just need to stop looking back at what was. Just like with you with your mental illness, you will go forward from what you are today from what you used to be. Also what you can be in the future as your illness is under control. Tere may be set backs,but you just go from where you are. Both of my daughters are now receiving help from BJC and Clubhouse becaus they saw the different me than the one they used to know. sometimes your illness becomes part of them too and they realize getting a little help is ok. Just keep trying, talking, and sharing. I pray for my fellow FIA Clubhouse members each night for peace and guidance.
God's blessing, Maggie P

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We recently learned we have earned a three conditional accreditation from Clubhouse International. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for mental illness. It evaluates more than three hundred clubhouses worldwide to make sure they are strictly following the international standards.
We all worked so hard for this and we all should be so proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time. We have had to make a lot of changes, but our commitment to provide excellence and a strong environment was noted by the accreditation group. Of the 36 standards we have only have 7 standards that need some work to meet all the standards.
People from the Independence Center in St Louis have visited often and assisted us to make sure we are working in the right direction to obtain 100 percent on the 7 we still need to work on. The center has been very helpful and we really appreciate all of their assistance.
We will report back in 12 months and with a little help we hope to have polished the standards that we still need to meet. We know we can do this. We will be opening our door to people with a mental illness that are not affiliated with BJC.
We will be working side by side together, staff and members, and hope to build bigger and better relationships. There have already been a lot of changes and altho a lot of the changes are slow to be accepted with good humor and patience we are learning as we grow. We are dedicated to change and getting our standards perfect so that in 12 months we will be a fully accredited chub house and will be a part of this great group, and will be able know what a great job we have all worked so hard for.


We now have lots of changes to our art program. We no longer have art or craft classes durning our daylight hours. Instead we have several evening art and craft groups. We also have other events in the evening such as a movie and dinner night at least once a month. We had a pot luck dinner and everyone really enjoy that. We had lots of good food. We also provide transportion to the local Nami meeting. We have some weekend things to do and no longer have in house groups. We do have and exercise area that you may use after getting a ok signed by your doctor. They have started to provide more groups at the Farmington building. We have a smoking cessation group and one set of groups are for over 50 members. Procovery, Bridges, anger management, independent living, and others groups and meetings and some that are being started almost every month.
We have a lot of new people coming to the clubhouse and we are helping them to be acclimated to the clubhouse. We all work together to make sure that everyone has a tast to do daily and are able to contribute to the clubhouse in a meaningful way and be part of all the other members and staff. We will get there but it going to take a lot of hard work for all of us.

Betty Wood 2/24/15

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines for Hospice

On Monday February 9, 2015, the clubhouse presented 20 Valentine cards to Presbyterian Hospice of Mid America. They asked in an article for people to send Valentines to their clients (thru them). So we got busy and made a variety of funny and pretty Valentine cards for them. Their director, Kristen Brown, was unable to make it but sent someone to pick them up. Clubhouse is always happy to make someone’s day a little happier.

Maggie Payne

Park Hills Clubhouse

The Friends in Action Clubhouse, an accredited Clubhouse of Clubhouse International, is a psychosocial rehabilitation center. We join Clubhouse work units for our overall wellness. Clubhouse helps people with life skills and self-utilization on a daily basis. Member have the options of learning to cook, clean, the importance of sanitation, budgeting, healthy meal planning, and medication management. Transportation is offered to and from Clubhouse. Staff offer "community needs" opportunities, for rides to and from doctor's visits or any other need. They also offer an "evening, weekend, and holiday" option where we get to travel for "retail therapy" which is personal shopping or just hanging out singing karaoke at the Clubhouse. Clubhouse also offered an enthusiastic art department in which members learn how to create art. We would like to see you at Clubhouse. There is plenty to become involved with.
Bill T

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


“Supporting Recovery Through Art”

The 7th Annual Friends in Action Clubhouse Art Exhibit
Saturday, April 11, 2015 • 4 – 8 p.m.
The Factory
• 204 South A Street • Farmington, MO 63640

Organizers of the 7th Annual “Friends in Action” Clubhouse Art Exhibit are asking for submissions from artists in our community. If you are on your own recovery journey, or if you want to support those who are, please join us. Through this event and other efforts, the Clubhouse hopes to fight the stigma of mental illness.

For more information or to submit your artwork, please contact Cindy Hoeflein at 573-431-9620 or

All submissions must be framed and ready to hang.

Donations accepted through March 25. In addition to submissions by members of the community, this exhibit will feature artwork created by Clubhouse members and staff and consumers of BJC Behavioral Health. The goal is to relocate into a larger facility to allow for membership growth. With your support we will be closer to our goal!

• Ra ffle
• Refreshments provided
• Live auction with select art pieces at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Opportunity

On Tuesday, January 27th, I along with two other Clubhouse members were given a wonderful opportunity. We were invited to the BJC monthly agency meeting. We talked about NAMI (The National Alliance of Mental Illness) and some of the positive events we at Clubhouse have been able to to take part in. This presentation involved NAMI. We discussed the NAMI facilitator training that was offered this past August. Being able to take part in that training both challenged and insprired those of us who took it. Being able to reach out and be of help and emotional support to our peers has been a very good experience. We also talked about the NAMI conferences that myself and others from Clubhouse have been able to attend. We talked about keeping a positive mental outlook, taking our medications regularly, advocating for ourselves, and how being a part of NAMI forms bonds. We told workers about the monthly NAMI meeting which is held the second Thursday of every month. We are hoping this will inspire BJC workers to inform their clients to reach out to NAMI and Clubhouse.
Letitia D

Friday, January 23, 2015

How Clubhouse Effects Me

What can I say about Clubhouse? There is interaction of activities of arts and crafts, snack shack, and kitchen. There are many people of diversity that help keep Clubhouse interesting. Clubhouse helps me toward self-acctualization through participation in work units and the group helps pass the day.
Bill T

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Along with all the new changes at Clubhouse for our goal for accreditation are many changes. The one change I am concerned with is our craft classes. We used to have two or three days a week at Clubhouse during the work ordered day as part of the Art work unit. Now since we are doing the work ordered day we cannot do crafts during the day.
We have had several craft groups in the evenings, during our Evening Weekend and Holiday program. We have had several groups in attendance. We did a lot of Christmas crafts with beads, made necklaces our of polymer clay, made Christmaas wreaths, and small Christmas trees.The okans are to have at least two craft evenings every month. Everyone seemed to really enjoy making the crafts. There was a lot of laughter and questions about what we were going to do next time. Along with the craft evenings we ahve had other activities we have had. The pot luck dinner went so well the food was wonderful and everyone had such a good time. We also has a New Year's Eve party and toasted the New Year with sparkling cider and sparkling grape juice. Everyone had a great time dancing the evening away.
We have plans for more evening and weekend activities. We have a karaoke and pizza evening event plannd and we have had a movie and dinner night for a long time. New ideas for future evening or weekend activities are always welcome. Come and see what we are doing and maybe you will just find out that you are havinf a great time. Fun and food? What more could you ask for? We may have to do our art classes in the evenings also, the accreditation process is going into effect a little at a time and we will just have to wait until the process has been fully implemented to know what direction the art class will have to take. Everybody will have to adjust to all of the new changes. Who knows they may even be better than what we were already doing/
Betty W

Monday, January 19, 2015

What Clubhouse is to Me.

C is for the caring environment Clubhouse gives to me.
L is for the lonely times that happen less and less when I am here.
U is for the understanding that is given, even if I am being a little dramatic.
B is for the best staff members I could ever ask for.
H is for the healing that Clubhouse has helped me accomplish.
O is for overcoming obstacles that I might not have if it weren’t for Clubhouse.
U is for the utmost respect that staff members have, not just for me, but all of us.
S is for the simple smiles or hello's that lift my spirit when I need it most.
E is for EVERYONE here at Clubhouse that makes my life complete.
by:Lisa C

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pot Luck & a Movie

On Saturday, January 10th, the friends in action club house for our very first potluck and movie event. The movie was great! Some of us were sitting on the edge of our seats. I think the food selection was just as good if not better than some of the buffets we’ve been to. It gave some of us club house members a chance to share some of their favorite recipies. Chicken and dumplings, broccoli and onion corn bread, beef stew, and black berry cobbler, were just a few of the choices on the menu. The movie was action packed and not one single person fell asleep. The idea was the brainchild of one of our beloved club house staff, mike. I along with other FIA members hope that poluck and a movie, become a regular event aton the Clubhouse calendar.
-Written by Latitia D.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clubhouse by Ed

I try to come to the Clubhouse every Wednesday to feel accepted by those who are like me. It is good because people believe in me and trust me. I can show my respect for others here. It helps me to believe in myself. I think the change is better and there are people who still need to get used to the Clubhouse Model. Being able to work here helps us build our self-esteem and build relationships. At the end of the day here I am better than sitting at home alone. I gain more confidence and a better mood by attending Clubhouse. It is easier to come to Clubhouse now than the Clubhouse Model took place I am looking forward to growing into a new facility and meeting new members. This is a place where we can belong. I encourage anyone reading this to join us and keep coming to Clubhouse. Give us a chance, you WILL definitely like it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Average Day at Club House by Matthew Queen

My name is Matthew I like club house because it provides an alternative to staying at home all the time. I come to club house to build a sort of daily routine, and to read books. I help out with various tasks at club house when I can. Today was pretty much your average day at club house. I have friends here at club house, which is good. When I first arrived today they were having their morning meeting. I helped out with a few things at club house today. I enjoy coming to club house and plan to keep coming more often than I used too.

What does the clubhouse mean to me?

Where would I be without the clubhouse? My life was a big mess before the clubhouse. I came from an abusive relationship mentally, and physically. I became homeless and was newly diagnosed with manic depression and anxiety. To deal with the pain I would like to burn myself and socially isolate myself. Now, since I been at the clubhouse, I haven’t burned myself for four months, I am happy and I can’t seem to stop talking to people, I got my Medicaid and currently working on my GED and independent living classes. So, the clubhouse saved my life and is a blessing.

Jasmine D

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years

The Friends in Action Clubhouse gathered together on the evening of Tuesday 12-30-14 to celebrate the end of 2014 and look forward to our plans, hopes and dreams for 2015. It was a chance for the clubhouse members and staff to talk about both the ups and downs of the past year and look forward to all of the things we will strive to improve in 2015. The music was wonderful and was provided by our own personal DJ, Mike. The food was delicious. Most of us got up and danced at least once or twice to the music from the 80’s up until now. Everyone at the clubhouse is an important part of the FIA family and Tuesday night was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to reminisce about the past and have a good laugh and a good meal at the same time. I look forward to being a part of all that friends in action has to offer in the New Year. In turn I want to share all I have to offer of my time and talents to FIA. I can’t imagine what I would do without my Friends in Action family.

Letitia D

Christmas at Club House by Jack McDowell

We arrived at Colton’s and had our way to our tables with no waiting. We had peanuts to eat while waiting for our food. Mine was steak cookeed to medium rare and was cooked exactly like I wanted. We did drink seconds of tea, because we all were thirsty. We became a hub-bub of talking. We also had a party at the club house gifts must be five to ten dollars. We took turns and I lost my ten dollar walmart card and got old spice set T.S. is the one who robbed me of it and I had taken the walmart card from nathan our party was a happy success.