Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New groups planned

We want to get clubhouse moving and fun.  We have a lot of new ideas floating around and we hope some of them can be started so we can liven this place up a little bit.  Older groups we used to have fun doing have sorta been forgotten and we need to bring them back. Chris W. offered to do a safety first class.  Maggie P. want to do more crafts and baking for a craft and yard sale and maybe sell some of our pictures that didn't get sold at the art show.  Betty W. offered to do a meditation class so we can learn how to relax.  A group class for friends to take the time to discuss their problem like a group therapy class.  A class to help friends learn how to support friends when they are in crisis or having a real bad day will be offered.
We used to bake cupcakes on the birthday party day and we would decorate them and have a contest to sees whoes was the best, and you get awesome bucks for winning. July is also national ice cream month and they have days set aside for hot dog day, fried chicken day, ice cream social day.  It seemed like everyday in July is set aside even a day for the day the liberty bell cracked,, national joke day,cheesecake day, Princess Diana's birthday.  Just lots of stuff that we can encorporate into a group or class.
It's to hot to do to much outside so we want a lot of good stuff we can do inside and keep cool and have fun too.  If you have a idea for a group or class come to calander planning and help us plan stuff for August. Betty W.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Biggest Loser follow up

The first round of the competition is over. Some people shed pounds as others shed tears.Twenty five members, including staff, competed over the last eight weeks to see who could lose the most body fat percentage. The results are in : Our combined starting weight was 5,946.5 pds WOW!!! within the eight weeks we lost a combined total of 303pds leaving us with a weight of 5,643.5. All the participants were winners. Even if you only lost one pound your headed in the right direction, Our top four competitors were
 Valerie, Maggie, Kelly, And in second place Tommy. Our Top loser was Christine with a total of 37.5 pds lost calculating out to be 12 %  body fat total loss.Christine won a gift basket full of low calorie snacks and a exercise tape along with diet soda, flavored water, and a pedometer to measure her future losses. If Christine can keep the pounds off within a 2 pd radius for the next 2 month time period she will receive an aditional prize of a gift certificate for clothing of which she must model so stay tuned for future pictures and updates. August 2010 competition resumes......... Who will be the next Biggest loser ???????                         CW

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Night on the Town

On June 6th Clubhouse members went with Donna (staff member) for an outing to Farmington.
We started off with lunch at McDonald's and then headed over to the Factory to walk it off. The Ministial Alliance Thrift Store was having a great sale. So we stopped in and did some shopping. Sue found treasure for her Grandchildren and I found some new necklaces. Several other people found like new clothes. From there we headed for the Movie Theatre to see Shriek, Forever After. For the kids in all of us we enjoyed the movie. Tired and happy we headed home for the day.
Coming Events:
    Country Days
    Elephant Rock
    Father's Day Dinner (women cook)
    4th of July picnic