Sunday, May 16, 2010

Independent Living Program

One of the most beneficial  programs at FIA is the Independent Living Program(IL).Through out the years a many a memeber has graduated from this program and has since moved out onto their own.

This program meets once a  week program. The members must learn different aspects of skills needed to live out on their own independently. Some of these skills include: cooking, cleaning, shopping, medication awareness, safety, how to fill out a rental application/ lease, mock interviews along with many other areas which are too numerous to mention.

Each member attends a weekly group seession followed by multiple work tasks which is monitored by mentors. Some of the mentors are previous IL graduates themselves.

IL gives these members who currently reside in residential Care facilities the abilitiy to make a positive change, not only in their surroundings but also in themselves.

After the completion of this program each member has a graduation ceremony ( with caps and gowns )
in where they can be proud of their accomplishments. For some this is their first graduation as they never had the oppurtunity to finish high school .

Once a member completes IL a select few of apartment complexes adjust their rent to reflect completion of the course. State funds along with EMAA housing department also assist.

Our goal here at clubhouse it to improve self esteem, build confidence, and make a positive change in each member. I believe that thru IL this can happen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day May 13, 2010

 Women relaxed. Men cooked and served. What could be better? Maybe if they would sing as they served.
Chef Ron said "No way! I would clear the room if I sang!!!
Pecan crusted chicken, green beans, and parsley new potatoes, followed with a dessert of strawberry jello cake with real strawberries were on the menu.
But we women played games and bragged about our kids and grandkids; we guessed who hold the oldest mother, the oldest grandmother, most kids, all boys and all girls. 500 hundred awesome bucks were at stake. Team 1 won with a score of 11. It didn't hurt that we had some of the answers sitting at our table.
Beautiful table arrangements of real flowers were also prizes for the oldest and youngest mom. Our Ms. Maggie, Flower Shop mentor, always does such a wonderful job. We have such talented mentors such as Chris C. who planned the games and always does such a great job.
We were served by the ever graceful Tim C., James B. and Bill T. who did their best not only to serve us but keep us entertained. There was not a drop was spilled. There was not a mother or guest left behind.
Other game was to test our mother multi-tasking skills, some of the chores were not things I did as a mother, but of course we didn't have copy machines, we had carbon paper and typewriters and no one had voice mail, we yelled out the back door for "you kids get in here supper is ready." for our voice mail. Stacking sweet tarts was an ordeal for all who played. Bonnie, Chris, Misty, Betty, Sue, La Shonda and Lisa did their best. The only two chores I remember doing if folding towels and handwriting letters. Bonnie was best of all and won 600 awesome bucks even if she could not quite blow a bubble with bubble gum.
.Mommy bingo, word search, and a lot of laughter helped make the night a wonderful Mothers Day celebration.
We got to meet our new Volunteer. Her name was Annette and she used to work at EMAA. Now, she is studying to be a Social Worker. She seemed to enjoy listening to all of us bragging about all the fun we have at the Clubhouse. Pictures of kids and grandkids posted on a big board keep every one guessing who belonged to whom, and how long ago they were taken. Pink and White balloons, pretty flowers, good food, good friends, what else could we ask for.
Betty W.

Monday, May 10, 2010

FIA Biggest Loser Competition 2010

There's competition in the FIA Clubhouse. In this game however, the object is to lose not win. We are participating in our version of The biggest Loser as seen on TV. The competitors weigh in weekly to monitor their weight loss. Weight loss is determined by percentage of  body fat versus actual pounds lost.The competition is running for eight weeks. We have weekly prizes for the greatest loss that week, we have prizes for when you meet your goal weight and of course there's a big prize at the end for The Biggest Loser. So far we have nothing but positive results. Some of our competitors have already lost up to 25 pounds and were only in week 5. We learn to support each other, share healthy food secrets and even have begun cooking healthier at lunchtime. We also are a part of the pound for pound challenge as shown on the show. For every pound lost a pound of food will be given to the hungry. What a great way to lose weight, get healthier, and help fight hunger. Watch for blog updates as the contest progresses on!
Chris W.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today at Clubhouse

The week has come to an end. Everyone has gone home but you can still here the chatting and laughter bouncing off the walls. Today was a busy day. Some of the members fill our large flower pots outside with flowers. We have several around the building and they are going to be bursting with colors in a few weeks. Others cooked lunch today and still more members did the daily chores that keep the clubhouse running. Everyone is always busy doing something.
This afternoon all the members finished their chores and seat in on the Anger Management group. You could have heard a pin drop as each talked about how to handle anger related issues. Some great information was discussed.
Cindy H.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cooking with Friends are working hard today.

The kitchen is full of yummy smells today!!! They have been working hard on lunch meeting at a local business. I smell brownies, and cheese broccoli soup. Plus, they are making their famous Chicken salad sandwiches. The Chicken salad has red grapes, chopped walnuts and dill in it. Then to top it off they put it on a croissant roll. I heard it whispered around clubhouse that we might be working on a cookbook again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day will soon be here.

Maggie is busy in our flower shop creating corsages for Mother's Day. The orders just seem to keep coming in! We love it.