Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25th

Good evening to all of the faithful followers of the clubhouse blog.  We are having a wonderful week here.  Monday went well with no major incidents.  We had a change of plan on Tuesday and the staff meeting was canceled.  We decided to have a little fun at the clubhouse.  The members that attended were treated to pizza and banana splits while we watched movies.  It was a great time.  Wednesday went smoothly with the coping skills groups and Art with Betty.  Ruth led the reflexology group in the afternoon and the members that attended seemed to enjoy it.  Thursday was the monthly birthday party.  Tina and the kitchen crew made a delicious birthday cake for everyone.  Dawn taught us about self esteem this morning and we had the member meeting at lunch time.  The birthday games took place in the afternoon and we sang to the member with July birthdays.  Tomorrow we will round out the week with shopping, Betty's art class and a coping with anxiety group.  Don't forget the Yard Sale is next week.  We could use all the donations we can get and then spread the word about the sale.  It is on Friday August 2nd from 7am to noon at 206 Crane st in Park Hills.  So stop by and see us and hopefully we will have a big turnout.  But, until next time I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend. 


Friends in Action Clubhouse

Fundraising Yard Sale

August 2nd


206 Crane St, Park Hills

Friends in Action clubhouse is a membership program for individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness and/or severe emotional disturbance. The Clubhouse is designed to help members become more productive citizens within the communities they live through communication, social, spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical skills.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Good Morning to all.  I hope that everyone is ready, cause it is gonna be hot this week.  We have been lucky so far this summer with the mild weather.  Hopefully the heat will not last for long.  Everything has been going pretty good at the clubhouse.  Last week was fairly uneventful.  Dawn and her crew moved the traveling art wall on Wednesday.  It is now at the Southeast Site for us to enjoy.  We attended the NAMI meeting last Thursday evening.  Tina made fluff to share with the others at the meeting.  It was a big hit as always and everyone wanted the recipe.  I will be accompanying some of the members that regularly attend the NAMI meeting to the state NAMI conference in November.  It should be a good time.  We are going to be involved in some fundraising between now and then to help with the cost.  The clubhouse is having their fundraising yard sale on August 2nd from 7-12, I hope to see you all there.  We have been talking about having a pancake and sausage breakfast to raise funds for the NAMI conference.  I will keep you updated as we figure out the details.  Dawn will be taking a couple of members to the Real Voices Real Choices conference at Tan Tar A next month.  Anna and Donna are going to be gone to training for THREE weeks in August.  We will miss them.  They are going to learn about the clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation.  This week we will have the regular coping skills groups and a couple of art classes with Betty.  Coffee with a Doc was cancelled for Friday.  We will be attending next month though.  Next week the clubhouse is going to closed on Tuesday for staff training. If all goes as planned the rest of week will be smooth and we will have a good time here at the clubhouse.  So, until next time I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe fourth of July.  The weather was perfect and the fireworks were amazing.  We have had a good week here at the clubhouse.  I was not here on Monday or Tuesday, but I believe that everything went smoothly. They focused on  coping skills group for those two days.   Members and staff attended the annual fourth of July party at Desloge Park on Wednesday.  Harry and Tina BBQ'd for us.  They did a great job and it was very good.  Members joined in some games for prizes.  We played ring toss and played washers among many other games.  I believe that everyone had a good time.  The weather was great.  The only complaint is that the pool was closed, so we did not get to go swimming.  Friday was yard sale day.  We found all kinds of things that we just had to have.  It was a good time, although it was a little warm.  The day ended with no major problems and everyone got home safely.  But, until next week I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend.