Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh what a fun day at FIA !!!!!

    Next to last Tuesday of the month in July. Its hot outside but the fun - o - meter inside is getting ready to raise. Its our annual Birthday party and awesome Auction Day. All month long we played games and participated in groups that assisted us in obtaining awesome bucks. This past month we also had a whole day dedicated to "bucks" where some members had the opportunity to walk  away with over three to four thousand bucks. No matter how many "bucks" you had this was the place to be.
  The Birthday Party was first. We honored all our members and one staff member (Donna ) who had birthdays in July with birthday treat bags and crowns. We also served root beer or strawberry floats w/vanilla ice cream,  YUM. Then came the cupcake wars!!!! Everyone was given a vanilla cupcake with white icing. A variety of decorating options were provided from gummy bears to sprinkles to icing tubes to licorice. The contest was to decorate the best cupcake using only what was provided (icing). To much surprise we have a many decorators in our midst that were hiding their talents. the overall ending result was so difficult.  I sure am glad I was not a judge, however this was a contest and as with any contest there must be a winner. Our winner in First place who's cupcake had the FIA emblem on it, was Lisa C. Tommy came in second with flowers made out of licorice and spice drops and Christine came in third with her traditional red, white, and blue cupcake.
Other Birthday games followed such as pin the cherry on the ice cream cone, and ice cream bingo all of course with nothing else but awesome bucks for prizes.
So now is the time to spend those bucks.  The table is full . Items range from toilet paper to perfume, soap to notebook paper the list goes on ad on....... Ron our trusted auctioneer and Chris our trusted banker is ready and the bidding begins. Five Hundred dollars for mountain Dew, no wait six hundred the bid goes higher, the final cost seven hundred fifty for a two liter of mountain dew now that really needing that caffeine. But the fun don't stop there items continue to go all afternoon higher and higher. One thousand for body spray, two thousand, two hundred for a notebook with ink pens.The main idea here is though we had fun together, we learned to work together as a team we learned we had to strive for something and not give up if we wanted it. So even what seems trivial is beneficial to us. Laughter is the best medicine and here at FIA we do lots of that.                                                                                                                                   cw