Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring has sprung

It’s over, our art show is behind us now. The people who had their pictures in the show have already gotten their money, and some have probably already spent it. Now we can take a much needed rest for a while.
The clubhouse can now focus it’s efforts on preparing for spring. Getting our garden spot all ready for planting. We will soon be going and picking out our plants and getting them in the ground. We all really enjoy our fresh vegetables we pick from our garden.

We will also be working to get the front of the building all prettied up with new flowers and pulling all the weeds out. We want our yard to be beautiful so visitors will see how proud we are of our clubhouse.
This new warm weather makes us all want to be out in the sunshine enjoying ourselves. It’s getting to be bar-b-que time and yard sale time. Maybe even having picnics in the park and outside games and fun fun and more fun. Mike might even take us fishing again.

We have a couple of projects, now that we have more time. One is a booklet for the members of the clubhouse to share their thoughts through poetry or short stories to be published here at the clubhouse for the members. We have an example of a booklet published by the Independence Center. Their’s was done in memory of one of their members who passed away.

I want ours to be devoted to the people at the clubhouse who have many talents other than painting and need an outlets for their talents. I know we have some very talented people here who write some beautiful poems.Some have written some interesting thoughts about their friends. This bookletcould also be use to thank someone writers know or tell others what BJC has done for them. Anyone who wants to contribute to our Clubhouse book is welcome to enter. If you have a great picture or even a small drawing we can put that in also. You can even share a favorite recipe or a picture of a craft item they have made.

Next month I hope we will start back having our craft evenings for 4pm to 6pm a couple of days a week. Lets all get ready for more beautiful spring weather and get outside. Betty W.

Friday, April 17, 2015

7th Art Exhibit is now in the books

The Friends in Action 7th Art Exhibit is now on the books. It was a fun night filled with food, wine, and art. It was a time for meeting old friends and meeting new friends. The doors opened at 4pm with a crowd ready to check out the art.
We had a steady stream of art aficionados through the night. Most had trouble trying to decide which piece(s) they wanted. At 6pm our live auction started. Forty pieces of art were auctioned off. At times we had exciting bidding wars going on. By the end of the auction, we had raised close to $2,500.
During the evening, appetizers and wine were served. By the end of the evening, the exhibit had brought in almost $2,000. Another $360 was donated from the wine, rent-a-paddle, and raffle. We had over 300 pieces of artwork at the exhibit this year, over 1/3 sold that night.
We wish to thank all the artists that donated artwork. Your work is beautiful and very much appreciated. Without the support of our community, we could not have had an Art Exhibit of this quality.