Monday, June 8, 2015

This Weekend...

“Country Days” is a yearly festival in Farmington, MO on the 1st weekend in June. They hold a parade, talent show; there are carnival rides, and all kinds of good food. Friends in Action Clubhouse decided to make Country Days part of our EWH program this past weekend. We had so much fun. It was very hot. I wasn’t planning to go, but wanted to. I received a call the day before inviting me to join Clubhouse for the day. I was excited to go. The Country Days parade was good. The high school band was good. There were antique cars that came by. I liked the dancers, people on horses, and the farm tractors. There were many different floats, but the church floats stood out to me. Everything was so good.
Ruth T.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

From Julie:
I went on a mile-long walk with the Friends in Action Clubhouse. I enjoy talking with a lot of people. I really liked the speeches that the [RESPECT Institute speakers] gave. I really enjoyed being at the park with my clubhouse family. --Julie

Memorial Day, the whole story...

Prior to our accreditation, we always celebrated holidays as a Clubhouse family, but never on the actual day. After our first Clubhouse International training in 2013, we began moving toward holiday celebrations on the actual day. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day and had 13 members attend the event. Then, in 2014, we celebrated July 4 and again Thanksgiving- both having about 22 members.

This year we will celebrate every holiday on the actual holiday. This past Monday was our first celebration for Memorial Day. Due to weather reports, we moved the bar-b-q/picnic from the lake to Clubhouse. That move did not dampen any spirits!! 40 members attended this event along with 2 staff members!!!!! Our daily average attendance is 30 so this was amazing!!! Many members participated in the washers tournament.... the winning team was: Lindell and Brent. Other games included ring toss, bowling, bean bag toss, and board games.

Our Clubhouse is becoming well known for its potlucks and Memorial Day was no exception. Bonnie, Julie, and Warren were the "Grill Masters" and prepared pork steaks for all of us. Liane was a busy bee in the kitchen preparing "extras." The dessert table did not have Betty's volcano cake (I have yet to tell her how much I missed that and HER at the picnic), but it did have Jessy's amazing rocky road cake, Mary's coconut cream pies, apple crisp from Chris and Tommy, Tim's Oreo cookies, and Shannon's fruit salad (yes... it was considered a dessert because it was full of coconut and marshmallows and very sweet). We had plenty of other choices also: Julie's homemade potato salad, Gerry's potato salad, Shannon's deviled eggs, Sheila's green bean casserole, Brent's cucumber salad, Mike's pasta salad (without onions so I didn't have to pick them out), Carol's famous mac n' cheese, Cory's coleslaw, and of course a picnic wouldn't be complete without chips and soda....which we had plenty of.

It is comforting to be a part of this Clubhouse family and being a part of making our own traditions (at the Clubhouse) for each holiday.

Anna & members