Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday May 28

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend.  The weather was perfect for spending time outside with friends and family.  We had a short day yesterday so that the staff could go to a meeting in the afternoon.  Mr. Rothery and Ms. Gladstone came for a visit to the clubhouse yesterday.  The members had brunch and attended a focus group and shared their stories about how the clubhouse has helped them. Tina and Carol attended the staff meeting in the afternoon and delivered the RESPECT speeches.  They did a great job.    This morning all of the members arrived and dove right into the morning meeting and the member meeting.  Most everyone volunteered for a job duty today.  The member meeting went smoothly as well.  We shared our condolences for two of our members that recently lost a family member.  We reviewed the calendar for upcoming events and discussed the work units.  Members had some suggestions for things that they would like to see sold in the snack shack.  After the meeting some of the members went shopping for personal items and for the gifts for tomorrow's mothers and fathers day celebration.  Several members volunteered to assist Miss Shannon in the kitchen today.  They made chicken alfredo that everyone seemed to enjoy.  We had a visitor from the independence center today.  He helped make lunch this morning and then talked with Donna and Anna about the clubhouse training that they are going to be attending later this summer.  He spent time talking with the members as well.  Coping skills group this afternoon was about communication skills.  Everyone enjoyed some leisure time at the end of the day.  Most members talked with one another, a few chose to play pool or scrabble.  We should have a big crowd tomorrow for the mothers and fathers day party.  I will let you all know how it goes.  I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


Well we have made it it through yet another week and this is a long weekend.  Clubhouse will be closed on Monday 5-27 in observance of memorial day.  So everyone enjoy some time with loved ones.  I don't know about the rest of you but BBQ is on the top of my list of Memorial Day weekend activities.  Get out and enjoy the weather, if it doesn't rain.  Friday at the clubhouse!!  Most of the usual crew came in today.  Most of us went shopping in the morning.  Gotta get the groceries for next week and everybody had time to get some stuff for themselves.  The rest of us stayed at the clubhouse and spent this time socializing and working in the work units.  Members and staff have been busying themselves cleaning today. We are getting the clubhouse clean and decorated for our special guest on Tuesday.  Dan, BJC group president, will be coming for a visit.  We have group this afternoon.  We're going to learn about how to deal with suicidal thoughts.  Members will spend the last hour or so at the clubhouse today getting things set up for Dan's visit or having some leisure time.  Then it will be time to load back up on the vans and head to the house.  Everyone be safe out there this weekend and have a good time.  I hope all is well and remember that you have a friend. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Potosi Day

Good old Potosi clubhouse.  Today was our once monthly Thursday at the Potosi Clubhouse.  We had six members join us today. A new member, Arlena, came in today.  The sun was shining, everyone was in a good mood and glad to see one another.  The conversation this morning was all about the annual Procovery fish fry at Lester's house last week.  It was said that a good time was had by all.  They said that the fishing was good and Lester showed off his 47 Jeep Willies.  Taylor caught the biggest fish of the day.  I hear that the food was excellent.  Maybe more of us can attend next year.  This morning Jack came by for the mental health education group.  He taught us about bi polar disorder.  Everyone soaked up all of the good info that Jack had for us and then we had time to ask questions. Everyone thanked Jack for coming today. Jack said that he would be back next month to teach us about Summer Safety.  Wanda and Judy made us a delicious lunch of cheeseburgers and tater tots with fudgesicles for dessert.  After we all ate and the mess was cleaned up Harry called bingo for a while.  Arlena, Paul, Judy and Wanda all won at least one game apiece.  As for the rest of us, we had fun anyway.  This afternoon we enjoyed the Procovery Circle.  For those that may not be familiar with Procovery it is a support group for people who have mental illness.  Rather than focusing on the past they focus on moving forward.  Barb and Karen R. joined us to lead the Procovery Circle this afternoon.  Unfortunately Ms. Miller did not get to come and see us today, but she did send her regards.   Everyone enjoyed the group and of course the snacks and social time at the end.  We wrapped up the day at the Potosi clubhouse with some leisure and social time.   I wonder if they had a good time at the Park Hills clubhouse today.  We will have to see and I will let you know if anything exciting happened.  But I guess that is all for today.  Hope all is well and remember you have a friend. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Were Back

We are back and hopefully going to be updating our blog regularly.  It has been a normal day at the clubhouse today.  Everybody has been staying busy with art and playing cards.  Dawn and some of the members went to the library while Donna decided to go for a walk.  Everyone was encouraged to participate in something.  We will be having lunch in a little while and everyone is looking forward to Shannon's french dip sandwhiches.  Group is this afternoon.  We will be learning about the importance of being able to agree to disagree with others.  Then it is leisure time before we go home.  There have been a lot of things going on at the Friends in Action lately.  We organized a mental health walk and rasied $2800 for NAMI of St Francois county.  When I say we in really mean Dawn, becuase she did most of the work.  The members have been busying themselves wiht art work for next years fundrasing calendar.  Speaking of art, the annual Art show was back in April and it went pretty well. There are many upcoming events this summer.  We will be going to camp Penuel oin June for a BBQ, swimming, fishing. games and of course for visit our old buddy Ron.  We are hoping gto go to the art musuem and the history museum this summer at spome point.  Members have been fundrasing for the annuall trip to the Real Voices Rreal Choices Conference at Tan Tar A in August.  Well thats about all for now, but we will be keeping you all updated on the goings on at the clubhouse.  Hope all is well and remember that you have a friend.