Monday, March 29, 2010


Friends In Action Clubhouse is a member operated organization to aid in the growth and stabilization of those with chronic mental illness. It's a place you can come to and feel free to be yourself. Many of us hide our illness due to the negative stigma society has placed on us. At FIA we no longer have to hide. There are a variety of diagnosis and a variety of symptoms within the clubhouse; however we all have one thing in common, we have mental illness.
FIA is cared for and operated by the members their selves. We have work crews, mentors for each work crew and each member takes on some type of responsibility to keep it functioning. From cooking to taking out the trash, each job is equally important. It gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction of knowing we are still individuals and we can grow.
FIA has outside the clubhouse functions to decrease the negativity towards us. We want the world to know we are the same as any one else. We currently have a catering crew known as Cooking with Friends that caters to small events within our community. We cook anything from a hot pasta dish to a cold chicken salad sandwich. All the food is prepared by members of the clubhouse supervised by staff. We also have a floral dept. known as 'Florals by Friends" We make artificial arrangements ranging from a simple corsage to a large arrangement in a vase, All orders are custom made to customer specifications and are created yet again by the members. All funds raised go towards the purchase of a new facility because we're currently outgrowing our present one.
Friends In Action clubhouse is to many their "safe haven " We laugh together and cry together. We hold each other up. We are like a family, loving, kind and considerate of others emotions and feelings. We know how to make a frown turn upside down. We truly are the best thing that can occur for people with mental illness.